Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Poor Specimen's Modern Collective World Premiere: A Movie/Movie Experience Like No Other Before
It's freaking almost two o'clock in the morning and I've gotta be up for work in a few hours but there's no way I can go to sleep right now! I just got back from what could possibly be the most epic surf premiere of all time for one of the sickest surf videos I have seen in ages! The moment I've been waiting months for finally came today when the Modern Collective World Premiere at Hollywood's Les Douche went down, and needless to say, it was off the fucking hook!
The moment we walked into the uber club, a pair of gorgeous Skull Candy girls were quick to greet us with a smile and a pair of custom Modern Collective Skull Candy headphones in one hand and a portable receiver in the other. Immediate confusion arouse and I asked myself 2 questions: "Why am I getting free headphones, do they think I'm Ben Stiller again or some shit?" and "what does this nerdbot receiver have to do with the movie?" Turns out they thought I looked more like Meatloaf, and the receiver in my hands was actually used to play the movie's sound track during the screening on our brand new steezy headphones! What a concept!
After frothing around the crowd and the open bar for a bit (clad in our new steez), it was evident that some of surfing's finest made it from all over the World for this lovely occasion, and oh yeah, they brought some hot ace babes with em as well. Modern Collective stars that showed some face and dominated the scene & the screen included: Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Dion Agius, and filmmakers Taylor Steele & Kai Neville. Other Modern Collective shralpers were most likely there as well but I unfortunately didn't spot em amongst the sea of flannel. However, I did run into two of the most legendary surf stars in da biz. Yeah, you guessed it, Aussie Posse funny man and nude dude Paul "Fish" Fisher and uber mega ripper and style master Dane Reynolds:
The Fish and Dane taking over the scene and lighting the place on fire!

Speaking of fire, lets talk about the film that is sure to smoke all of its competition out of the water! Without giving too much away, I must say that this film is by far on of the most creative and visually stunning pieces of our generation thanks to the strictly roots collaboration of genius filmmakers Taylor Steele and Kai Neville. On top of that, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Yadin Nichol, Dion Agius, Dusty Payne, and Mitch Coleborn stepped up their surfing to heights once thought of as fantasy; their surfing is purely mind-boggling!
Phenomenal filmmaking, mental surfing in dream locations, and yet another BANGER of a soundtrack make Modern Collective a timeless masterpiece that will easily excite, stoke, and intrigue the mind! Be sure not to miss out on the next premiere in your town! Just wait for the Modern Collective that'll be pulling up to a screeching hault in a tour bus filled with babes, booze, beats, and breakthrough performers that will surely leave you in a slack jawed daze as you contemplate "did that really just happen?"
Dion up in da VIP surrounded by babes gettin ready to Vulture his ass!

Special Thanks to Surfing Magazine's Tristin Akahoshi and crew for doing a more than excellent job at putting together such a fun and memorable event! Thanks to the Modern Collective makers (Especially Taylor Steele and Kai Neville) and shredders for inspiring us all each and every time you produce such great films. Thanks to Skull Candy for the radical headphones. Thanks to all of you for reading this and living your life to the fullest day by day!
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  1. Haha you got in. Good Hendo! I told Bret and Fish to swing by your pad and pick you up cause your such a Tales fan. I was gonna cruise with the boys but had to do a dinner date with the chica. Holla at your boy.

  2. SO Overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they do the same manuever through the entire f**king movie