Monday, November 16, 2009

Marine Layer Productions

The man, the myth, the legend, Dane Reynolds is not only an innovator and creative genius in the water, he also flourishes in these departments on dry land. With surfing becoming remotely stale and surfers beginning to funnel into a conveyer belt chalk filled with corporate flannel and mainstream wanabe vulcanized shoes, it's surfers like Dane that shatter such said molds and give some life to a rather snoozy culture/art/sport/whatever label it has now achieved. I've been completely amazed at Dane's creative talents not only in the water but also with his various land mediums and creative talents including: board art, super 8 filming, music, and photography. Thanks to intern grom Totes McGrotes I now am pretty much addicted to Dane's blog entitled Marine Layer Productions and frequent there quite often to see what the dice will land on next; a video of Dane busting bafling airs? a bizarre yet intriguing music video? or an artistic vision from the man behind the lens? Hopefully the answer is (D), all of the above!
It's cool to see guys who let surfing enrich their lives but don't let surfing solely define them as an individual. Behind every person there is something more than meets the eye, a simple fact that many people take for granted. I do see how it would be hard to break out of just being known as a "professional surfer". Ultimately, a lot of times, it's the corporations paying the rent and writing the checks who frequently don't like to see their team riders venture into other endeavors and possibly jeopardize their "public image". On top of that head ache, there's other exterior pressures, especially on the CT, from other people who have dreams for you and do everything in their power to make sure you meet those dreams but won't let you follow your own dreams.
Dane getting weird while doing a "busted wing layback"

The all too familiar scenario happens every 3 years or so; a new wonder kid pops up and gets a stellar video part that blows peoples minds, then the masses get to talking and start making comparisons to "a young Kelly Slater", more people talk and talk and soon enough a bar is set so high for this new wonder kid that anything below said bar or failed attempts to obtaining this standard are soon seen as the end of the world and the hopes of others slowly trickle down the drain and end up at Shit Pipes.
Sure this scenario seemed evident to happen to Dane in his freshman years of big time exposure. When he came out and blew up, the rumor mill started running its mouth and Dane was already coined as the next World Champ without even having made the CT yet. You can imagine it would be a little difficult to fill such shoes and even more difficult to satisfy the wants of others. But Dane, Dane was different. Dane flourished on his own without having to rack up a stellar QS batting average. He flourished through his unique perspective on surfing. A surfing perspective that could be compared to an art form where he is the painter and the ocean is his canvas to sometimes depict with style and grace and other times give a more aggressive abstract meaning to it with crazy yet flawless airs.
Dane likes art, therefore art likes Dane

I originally wasn't planning on ranting this long, just wanted the post to be about Dane's blog but I hope you get what I'm sayin here. Just sayin that it's cool to see people break out of the mold and be who they want to be and do what they want to do even if it's not what's expected of them. I sure wish more pros out there took a quick step back to look at how much professional surfing has engulfed their lives and just realize that life is about the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not always achieved through success and success does not define an individual. If your dream is to be a pro surfer, live out your dream, but do it for you. Much respect to Dane Reynolds for bringing a whole lot more to the table than just a bag full of tricks! Who's to say surfers have to be more than normal anyways?
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  1. fuck that dude, surfing is just surfing, why do you care about wannabe fucks who want to look like a surfer or gay fads in fashion and stupid fedora caps? life enriching? surfing isnt a philosophy on life. your a fag. surf becasue you surf and you have fun. dont look down at it cuz a bunch of fucks show up and want to try it. grow up. you sound like one of those degenerate fucks down at windansea.

    dane just seems to have fun at it, quit worrying about what other people do.

  2. agreed.
    almost like poetry.
    but hey, i got four whole paragraphs out of you, and three full pics, thats better than most of your posts.

    heres a blog for you:

    see, this is the thing. i was watching the tele today and happened to see some fly bitches as i passed by mtv jams, so i stopped. not your typical mtv, strictly rap vids 24/7. still your basic, shitty mtv though. can you guess what i saw? a rick ross video featuring some nobody wearing a rvca cap through out the entire video. then directly after, a snoop dog video featuring the dream. ironically, the video entails snoop in his chevy cruising down your beloved el porto (actually rat shit, torrance) and theres greg lutzka kicking down shuvs.

    yes its true young g. you have a lot to learn, but in the mean time one thing is going to stay the same. people will always gravitate towards the beach and inevitably surfing. along with surfing, street culture, and skateboarding. just keep telling yourself that you were there before all the kooks and you will sleep just fine.

    throw that on your blog.


    p.s. you seem like you need an uncle. maybe i can start appearing as a guest writer. or not.