Monday, November 2, 2009

Girls Girls Girls!

It ain't no secret that I love women and all the wonderful things they do.  So when AMPAL came to me and asked me to cut together a lil vid of their Girls Lookbook Shoot, well lets just say, they had me at hello...
Been kinda busy lately gearing up for the North Shore winter and also helping out my homies over at The AMPAL Creative edit their new lookbook behind the scenes vid.  If you haven't had a chance to check out their lids, then you are most likely blessed with a thick head of flowy fabulous hair and don't wear caps all that much.  But for the rest of us who are balding, have egg shaped heads, a colic similar to that of Count Chocula,  or whose hair has a mind of its own, we like to cover the bizarreness every now and then with a sprinkle of steez.  Well it just so happens that The AMPAL Creative and steez go hand in hand like Jimmy Slade and CJ Parker!  And who better to showcase the steez that is The AMPAL Creative then these 3 lovely and self made ladies who are taking over this damn town!
Check out the lil vid I cut last week that gives a sneak peak into what went down at the 2009 AMPAL Creative Winter lookbook photo shoot.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to personally witness the hotness that went down firsthand but I truly enjoyed the style, liveliness, and energy that Michelle, Mallyce, and Natalia all brought to the screen.  Special thanks to Director/Producer Andy Po for his guidance and excellent camera work, Producer/Location Manager/Photographer Camilo Gabriel Lara Jr. for generously providing the location & equipment as well as a spectacular creative eye (happy bday brah), and the 3 lovely ladies for doin their thang and following their dreams!  Keep at it girls!  Big ups!    

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