Saturday, November 14, 2009

FOX Surfing

Fox team rider and fellow electro beat maker Eric Geiselman

Went over to the Fox house last night to catch up with my homey Chuck and met a few of the Fox riders at their baller North Shore palace. Everybody was super nice and just relaxin and takin it easy from a long day's surf. I was privileged enough to watch some of their dailys as their filmer Mike logged some clips of the boyz shredding at Off The Wall and Rocky Point. Needless to say these guys were fuckin killing it!
Fox team rider Jarrad Sullivan

After surfing Monster Mush yesterday and pretty much getting eaten alive by freak sets and almost getting blown off every wave by the ferocious winds, I was completely awe struck when I saw how insane these guys surfed in the same exact waves I struggled so hard just to get a front side snap on. Up in the mix of the MENTAL footy I watched go down were Fox riders Eric Geiselman, Jarrad Sullivan, Tanner Hendrickson, Jesse Merle-Jones, Perth Standlick, and Cahil Bell-Warren.Align Center
Fox team rider Perth Standlick shralping in Bali

If you haven't been to the Fox site yet you should definitely drag your lazy ass over there and check it out. Their riders are kicking ass and taking names and they've got some sick ass threads on there as well that will have you steezin and breezin and pickin up myrts in no time! And oh yea, check out some of their vids below that will surely make you soil yourself with disbelief!

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