Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 2009 Reef Hawaiian Pro @ Haleiwa

The 2009 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing hit the ground running today when The Reef Hawaiian Pro got under way at Haleiwa with a less than epic start due to an ocean filled with less than epic waves. The venue was looking stellar, the cast & crew were as hungry as ever, but unfortunately Poseidon had other plans for us all today...
As I drove up the coast from Sunset to Haleiwa this morning and peaked out my baller rental car (Ford focus I think?), the 8 Mile strip was filled with what looked like mixed up, stormy, yet sizable waves. For some reason this swell hit all the other spots a lil better and some of the World's greatest were forced to battle it out in choppy, waist to chest high, dribblers. But that by no means stopped the local boyz from dominating the first couple of rounds and yet again proving that local knowledge triumphs over CT carnage and a board full of stickers.
Domo Arigato Mr. Joboto! Local boy Joel Centeio showin em how it's done after his heat win!

Been super busy lately helping out with the shows so until I have more time to contribute to more elaborate and entertaining posts, I will leave yall with soem quick breakdowns to get yo boogie on with! So check out the breakdown below and check back for more vids, pics, and weirdness as I start to evolve from naive albino Haole to tattered brown(er) Haole, and then some...
Day 1 Breakdown:
Waves: Poor to fair 3 to 4 ft.
Weather: Sunny, hot, humid, with slight morning drizlers every now n then
Women: All over the place getting their tan on. Ready to strike at the drop of an air reverse.
Shralpage: Local boyz cleaning up shop (in particular: Moody, Joel Centeio, Kamalei Alexander, Hank Gaskell, Gavin Gillette, TJ Barron).
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