Friday, November 6, 2009

2009 North Shore Winter

Boards? Check
Boardshorts? Check
Slippas? Checka
Nerdbot skillz? Check
AMPAL Myrt Caps? Checkelz
Extra small condoms? Check ummm uhhh I mean umm magnums? CHECK!
Crap shades? Checkerooskie
Pipe Dreams? Uhhh the book or for reals? Check check!
She packed my bags last night, free flight
Zero hour nine a.m...

As I sit and listen to Annie Mac's Mash Up,  a sense of anticipation and adventure runs through my bones and I'm not so sure if sleep will come easily tonight (a lot of which probably has to do with the non stop electro hell ringing in my ears).  Why you ask?  Cause tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'm off to the North Shore of Oahu for the Triple Crown winter!  That's right, 2 Months of filthy pits, nerd bot edits, and the hollywood surf circus on water wings!  
I've been to Hawaii a few times and have scored super good Kauai as well as south shore Oahu (where I was denied service and then furiously chased out of a store by livid asians cause the indian dude on my fake ID apparently didn't have hazel eyes),  but last year was my first time ever venturing to the North Shore.  My journey out there was sick!  It was pretty much filled with a lot of rain, super fun Rocky left's sessions, myrt filled surf parties, the Slater vs. Wardo Pipe final, and a nice sneak peak to the end of the chaos that is the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.  
6 Weeks filled with some of the best surfers on the planet competing at 3 of the best waves in the World for a title that is desired by all but only achieved by few.  The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing starts in Haleiwa on November 12th, moves over to Sunset November 24th, and will end at the CT event with the World Title on the line at Pipe on December 8th.  I'll be there in the thick of it all helping out with the TV shows, making sure everybody's frothing at the mouth, and keeping all of my loyal readers/viewers in the know of what it's truly like to spend the winter on The Rock.     
Gotta get back to packin my shiznit, so for now, keep yourselves entertained with this sickie Rocky's edit by Devo at WINDOWSEATpictures:

and get yo partay started with this electro hell mixtape by Alexandre:

Next time we speak, I'll be frothing on the North Shore.  Until then my friends...

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