Thursday, October 1, 2009

Water Proof Cell Phones? Blue Cheetos? Talking Babies?

Holy shit!!!!!
Where am I?
Ahhh eeeek ooooh arrrrrrggggg!!!!

I am writing to you from the back room warehouse of what looks to be an office depot... 
My cell phone is gone, my wallet was jammed in my mouth along with caramelized freejoles, and I have writing all over my face that says "If you are reading this in the mirror, look behind you, just don't drop the soap!".  I haven't seen the sun in what seems to be 6 days but I managed to hot wire 2 old word muncher monitors and a TI86 to make a legit ethernet connection (don't ask me how, think it was the Minah Bird I ate).  Anyways, I know you have all been frothing at the mouth for my next post, so for now I will leave you with a lil video but once I get out of this shit parade I promise you nothing but froth-tacular content all day e'ry day brah!  
Saw this kook at El Porto once with some big buldge on his arm and my buddy asked him what the hell it was.  Guy responds: "It's my iPhone man, hold on dude I've got a call".  Can you say fucking kook?!  My theory has always been and will always be: do not bring technology and other societal head aches into my sanctuary for Poseidon will strike upon thee with utter force and evil!  Surely this guy is probably rocking the most mental afro after getting struck 12 times by poseidon's bolt.  Just watch this bull shit!  

Credit Julius Sleezer for showin me this shit!  Gigity gigity! 
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