Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steezin and Breezin: OUTA DA WATER

"Oh my god, where the fack is Count Chocula?"
Every skater I meet constantly tries to claim that skating is better than surfing solely due to the fact that surfing has no characters, no personality, and no individuality.  They seem to think that we're a bunch of communists who fall in line like some sort of cult where everybody looks, thinks, and acts the same.  Well guess what skateboardin?  No offense, but take the broom stick outa yer acehole and the chopsticks outa yer ears and listen up for a bit, cause you're dead wrong!  The surf world is filled to the brim with characters and individuality, you've just gotta know where to look...  
I agree that there may be a few similarities in the fashion sense, lifestyles, and personalities of several CT surfers (a lot of which has to do with their sponsors who dictate what they wear, eat, sleep, and slay).  However, WCT surfers do not make up the entire surfing World as a whole what so ever, more like a small fraction.  So where are all the individuals at?  That type of question is like asking "where do you find the chill sauce at" in a Ralph's Supermarket (true story, I asked some swollen chick that once and she started screaming at me: "Is that some kind of innuendo or something??!!"  I tend to forget that not everyone is as word savvy as yours truly, watch Brocabulary and get caught up fool).  

Anyways, there are so many different characters within the surf world that lead such interesting lives not only in the water but also outside of the water that I couldn't resist exposing them in hopes of enlightening others whose vision of surfing is a bunch of "gnarly cowabunga dudes"...  

One small step for surfers, one giant leap for stoners...

This is my mini tribute to a few of  the more core surfers who stand out in the lime light off the beaten path and keep it roots by not conforming to the social norms.  Whether or not they are known for their style in the water, their style out of the water is what contributes to the progressive nature of individualism within all that is surfing.   

For starters, we must bow our heads and pay homage to where it all began...
The man, the myth, the legend, Da Cat.  
Miki Dora 
"the dashing and enigmatic rebel who, for twenty years was the King of Malibu surfers, dominated the waves, ruled his peers' imaginations, and- to this day- inspires the fantasies of decades of Dora wannabes who began to swarm his pristine paradise after the movie Gidget helped surfing explode into the mainstream and changed it forever- many say for the worse." -David Rensin from All for a Few Perfect Waves.

Miki Dora was also an "avid sportsman, raconteur, philosopher, traveler- and scam artist of wide repute" whose dedication to surfing was far beyond fathomable.  I think it's safe to say that they broke the mold when they made Miki Dora. 

Matt Archbold 
"Always redlining on the brink of destruction, be it in surfing or living, he routinely pulls through with style to burn.  His dedication to Old School fluidity and power, while continually pushing the limits of performance, make him a hero to young and old alike.  The adage, live fast; die young, is Archy all the way, only he's still going." - Jason Borte of Surfline

If history repeats itself, then Archy is Da Cat of the 21st century and Blue Crush is the Gidget that helped surfing explode into the mainstream for the worse.  Archy is legend.  He breathes punk rock style in the water with his power hacks and signature larrys (laybacks) and he breathes old skool style out of the water with his affinity towards the better life of a greaser filled with classic restored cars, tattoos that tell it like it is, and a care free and rebellious attitude.  If you haven't seen The Archy Movie yet, I suggest you immediately go out and buy it and find out why he is one of the most interesting humans and best surfers of all time.  

Ozzie Wright 
"He's an all around artist that creates through: surfing, painting, music, etc.  A surf star by day and rock star by night.  He has had art shows around the World, and is both loved and hated in the surf scene."  -MORINformed

Ozzie is a fa-reak dude.  The guy surfs like he's gone mental and he lives the lifestyle of a vampire torn between painting and music/sucking blood or sucking boobs.  His band The Goons of Doom are a "stupid, hyperactive, rolicking drunk, and occasionally sexual times" band that "drew crowds based on cheap liquor and a laugh"(TGOD).  I think I saw them once in IV and their lewd/bizarre/creepy antics made me look like a knight in shining armor to a certain damsel in distress, so for that I thank them!  Ozzie is roots cause he doesn't give a shit if you think he's a freak, a weirdo, or a creep, he is who he is...    

Dave Rastovich 
"His relaxed and pure approach to life on land often spills over into water life.  It's no secret that Dave Rastovich is an environmental advocate doing his best to spread the message of protecting our oceans and preserving the earth." -Billabong 

Rasta lives a lifestyle outside of the water that many of us think about living inside our heads but never have the time, patience, or balls to actually do.  Rasta is truly a person who puts the ocean and the environment before himself and others.  His laid back and fluid style within his free surf career has given him the necessary time to advocate for a healthier environment; a progressing concern that people the World round are dangerously overlooking.  Rasta is an inspiration to all (including myself and Hayden Panettiere , never thought I'd do yoga or love dolphins so much...) and for that we should all be extremely thankful.  If we all cared about the environment as much as Rasta, I probably wouldn't be growing this damn third nipple from surfing shit El Porto so much...    

There's a few more style masters I'm gonna throw up on here next time, but for now you can do your part and click the follow link on the right (true believers), and then comment on some of the masters who you might think I've left out, I'm all ears buddies...
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