Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SAH Updates

You may have noticed some changes with the site recently.  It may look like I've gone from analog to digital or modern to post modern or nihilist to minimalist but in reality I just pressed a few buttons and that shit changed son!  You also might notice that I picked up a few new sponsorships along the way as well.  I'm super stoked on these guys and even more stoked that they're giving my readers radical deals!  Here's the 3 new sponsors I picked up and the deals they're throwin your way:

-Glenda's Party Cove (Free party favors with purchase if you tell Glenda "Surf Ambassador Hendo sent me, olive mother goose".  But please do not look into her left eye)

-Adelita Bar (Free Donkey show admission for the first 400 people who say "Froth & Foam" at the door) 

-and of course Natural Ice (Free eternal hangover and Montezuma's revenge with each sip).             

 I've also added some new features on the side column to the right ( ----> that way for the directionally challenged.  No worries, I used to be in da club too).   These features include:

Vid Of Da Week:  Each week I'll try to update this section (depending on how hungover/lazy I am) with a new vid that I think will make you flip your lid.  Of course I had to start it off with one of my all time favorite's: "Heartbreaker" by MSTRKRFT!  

- Electro Hell Tune O' Da Week: See above but replace vid with tune and lid with prune.  The songs linked on this site should be considered promotional samples only and you should purchase the songs, go to the bands show, or buy one of their t-shirts (disclaimjumper).      

- On Tour: A list of the shows where, if you're lucky enough, you might just see SAH & Poseidon's Posse frothing, getting nude & lude, and stomping to some electro hell beatz!  Aka some great up and coming shows that you'd be a fool to miss!  


- Facebook Fan Page:  You can add yourself as a fan on SAH's facebook page for exclusive content, shneek peaks of upcoming posts, and uber facebook pokes that'll leave you with a gnarls rash on your fine arse.  

Other than hiring a few chimp interns, I can't really think of any other updates at the moment.  Keep yourself busy with the new shit and while you're at it, send me some electro hell tunes that you like and you just might be lucky enough to get your shit up and on here.  Until then my friends, keep reading and I'll keep getting weird.

Speaking of getting weird, there's a shitload of Halloween parties coming up, hit me up for the dirty deets.


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