Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Message From Poseidon To All The LA Kooks

Finally Poseidon has answered my calls and has sent a message to all the LA kooks who think they can surf:  DON'T FUCK WITH POSEIDON!  Everyday I pray to Poseidon for the hope that the cluttered waters of LA will be cleared of Patagonia Pacsun kooks and SUPers who litter our glorious water with their waterproof cell phones, smart cars, claims of surfing Trestles every time there's a swell (ya you're cool bro), their colored wax, their fruit boots, and their lack of respect and common surf etiquette.  The day has finally come where Poseidon sent one of his minions to relay this message and let all the kooks know that he never sleeps and he's always watching so take your Blue Crush lifestyle  somewhere else!  Here's his little friend Beelzebud saying hello:
He is beautiful no?
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