Saturday, October 10, 2009

...Electro Dome... Toecutter

My homey Corey Worthington over in Aus is a freaking party animal and he does not give a shit about nothin.  You may all know him from his legendary video below but most recently Toecutter sampled one of his epic lines and has made an ultimate party mash up featuring a Cool and The Gang beat and some samples from Justice, Daft Punk, and the likes...
The song is epic and it just makes me want to take my pants off and start party stomping nude all around my whole apartment, I'm sure you'll dig it too!
Here's his legendary vid:

Here's the song:

Corey's recording some samples for me right now so be on the look out for a Party Sauce remix featuring Corey Worthington .   
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  1. Is that for real? Fucking classic.

    have you seen the beer barrels on the miller light commercials lately? sick beer vision on every commercial

  2. haha yeah that guys legend for sure!
    nah man, haven't seen the miller light commercials yet, send me da link and I'll throw it up here!
    Thanks mate