Monday, October 19, 2009

...Electro Dome... Remixes & Mash Ups

Before I get back to my regularly scheduled program regarding Style Out of the Water, I thought I'd give yall a lil intermission to groove to. There's definitely something to be said for a song that's great and stands alone as a classic. But what happens when someone takes that song, rips it apart, and adds their own interpretation/bells and whistles to it? Sometimes remixes like this can call for utter disaster but if you know where to look, it can sometimes be even more mind boggling and classic than its original! On top of that, a similar question would be, what happens when two songs make love through what is called a "mash up"? Do they hate fuck each other till they kill themselves in a battle royale like when you try to make rampsters (rat hampsters)? Or do they make sweet sweet love that turns into a beautiful baby that far surpasses the brilliance of its parents? I'm going to have to say, E) all of the above are possible, but the more negative answers will not go down under my watch betchez, not under my watch!
I've hand picked a few of my favorite remixes and mash ups for your listening pleasure. Hope they make you wanna get straight in your car and head to Vegas for a 3 day party bender that leaves you broke, starving, burnt, nude, and exhausted but nonetheless leaves you pumping your fist or stomping your feet non stop all the way till your friends pick you up for an intervention! Enjoy!


THE ALL TIME MASTERS OF MASH UPS ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT TRV$ & DJ AM. Rest In Peace DJ AM, your spirit lives on and continues to inspire each and everyday.

And for the puke filled car ride home:

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