Thursday, October 22, 2009

...Electro Dome... KENYA

Kenya Dig?  Dig some fucking radical music?  Why yes, yes I sure can!  And so can you with a click of a mouse and a froth at the mouth!  

My homey Kenya has been frothing Electro Hell tunez since I first learned to bust the equestrian (sexual conquest coined by Da Man in which... nah I'll let you figure it out)!  Anyways, Kenya aka Latane Hughes aka Lightening aka Happy Feet aka Electro Stomper has been spinnin some ill shit for quite sometime and has played  at such exquisite venues as the Standard rooftop Downtown, the Garter in Venice, and has also opened for Hey Champ!  If that ain't an impressive enough track record for you to take a shneek peak at his epic shit, well slap me silly and call me William Fuacckkkner!
Amidst his killer performances and foot stompin, Kenya runs a sick blog filled with electro hell tunes that will make your face melt off!  With such an eclectic background in da electro hell industry, it was only in due time that he'd produce a mix tape that was pure gold!  And guess what?  That day has finally come!  I've pretty much listened to his tape entitled "le cheval fonce" (French for  "Anal Tongue Dart" jk it means "The Dark Horse") 2 times already in the past 2 hours and haven't been able to stop pumping my first and stomping my foot ever since!  The gnarliest part about this glorious electro hell orgy, besides his MENTAL & mindboggling mixing of so many ultimate classics, is the fact that he recorded the entire thing in ONE FUCKING TAKE on the rooftop of his Venice pad!  
Don't miss Kenya & the rest of the Guns In The Sun crew playing this Oct. 31st Halloween @ The Hendo Fonda Theater 

You can play the mix tape below while you're at work and also download it to bring with you in your car, your bath tub, your shower, and/or your S & M parties!  Ultimately, you can pop this baby into your iTunes, crank the music to volume 12, crack a beer, and just wait and see the swarm of party goers that'll be trying to break your door down within minutes...  

I'll quit gabbing so you can start frothing but let me just finish by leaving you with something a wise man once said: "MAD SKILLS!" - Shawn Briley, Pipeline, Circa his triumphant return.   


  1. foreword from our governor
  2. yuksek - break ya (kenya's "a fresch start for vernon" campaign trail mix)
  3. lindstrom & solale - baby i can't stop (aeroplane remix)
  4. yuksek - so down (featuring chromeo)
  5. data rock - i used to dance with my daddy (metal on metal remake)
  6. michael jackson - thriller (louis laroche remix)
  7. mr. oizo - two takes it
  8. the presets - talk like that (miami horror remix)
  9. holy ghost! - i will come back
  10. hey champ - cold dust girl (only children remix)
  11. lykke li - i'm good, i'm gone (fred falke remix)
  12. VEGA vs. knightlife - kyoto the crusader (kenya's mardi gras mestizaje)*
  13. empire of the sun - standing on the shore (cassian remix)
  14. PNAU featuring ladyhawke - embrace (fred falke & miami horror remix)
  15. metronomy - heartbreaker (kris menace remix)
  16. visitor - los feeling (digital foxglove + wonder remix)
  17. passion pit - folds in your hands (kenya's loopy jew fro edit)
  18. manyus & dario G - stardust (main mix)
  19. miami horror - make you mine (original vs. cassian remix)*
  20. rhigeria - vamos a la playa
  21. deep dish featuring stevie nicks - dreams
  22. nightwaves - invincible (snow picnic remix)
  23. cut copy - out there on the ice
  24. symbolone - love juice (moulinex remix)
  25. VEGA - all too vivid (kill the noise remix)
  26. hey champ - in the white city
  27. simian mobile disco - tits & acid
  28. kaiser chiefs/cut copy vs. justice/boys noize - phantom beat (kenya's texas tornado)*
  29. the very best king of the pop jungle outro

*[mash tracks]* - VEGA - kyoto gardens (unreleased), knightlife - crusader, miami horror - make you mine, miami horror - make you mine (cassian remix), kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat (cut copy remix), justice - phantom II (boys noize unreleased turbine)

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