Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chris Ward, Strictly Roots

Chris Ward, straight up legend.
Nah, I'm not talkin about this dude, who for some reason pops up when you google Chris Ward.  Surely this guy has no clue where Wardo is and what he's all about.  But what if you were to describe Wardo to a human like the gentlemanly scholar above?  How could you pin point the essence of radness that is Wardo?  I don't think words could do justice at all my friend.  
Surely videos, pictures, and 3d hidden image sterograms (which I still to this day can't fucking see!) are some of the many ways to depict the pure gnarliness that is Chris Ward in and out of the water.  More so than that, sometimes looking in the past is a good indication of where people are now and where they may go later.  At the ripe age of 16, Wardo was already showing signs of being one of the best, no, THE BEST surfer in the World for his age!  Lost.TV writes:

 "At 16 the guy had more form and power than 80% of the current top 45. On land he was James Dean meets Mickey Dora meets Al Capone with Tom Curren's style and frankly we're surprised he's still alive let alone finally surfing on the WCT."     

Check out this vid of Wardo as a grom fucking MURDERING Poseidon's Playground at 16!  This shit will make you drop your jaw in awe and will also make you realize how strictly roots Chris Ward is...

A lot of being strictly roots comes from your roots and Wardo's roots were strictly roots as a grom so where do you go once you've already achieved strictly roots status?  I guess skies the limit...
Wardo 10 years later, keeping it STRICTLY ROOTS!

(Hidden Electro Dome song within this post, find it, love it, live it! Roooots!) 
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