Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chris Ward, Strictly Roots

Chris Ward, straight up legend.
Nah, I'm not talkin about this dude, who for some reason pops up when you google Chris Ward.  Surely this guy has no clue where Wardo is and what he's all about.  But what if you were to describe Wardo to a human like the gentlemanly scholar above?  How could you pin point the essence of radness that is Wardo?  I don't think words could do justice at all my friend.  
Surely videos, pictures, and 3d hidden image sterograms (which I still to this day can't fucking see!) are some of the many ways to depict the pure gnarliness that is Chris Ward in and out of the water.  More so than that, sometimes looking in the past is a good indication of where people are now and where they may go later.  At the ripe age of 16, Wardo was already showing signs of being one of the best, no, THE BEST surfer in the World for his age!  Lost.TV writes:

 "At 16 the guy had more form and power than 80% of the current top 45. On land he was James Dean meets Mickey Dora meets Al Capone with Tom Curren's style and frankly we're surprised he's still alive let alone finally surfing on the WCT."     

Check out this vid of Wardo as a grom fucking MURDERING Poseidon's Playground at 16!  This shit will make you drop your jaw in awe and will also make you realize how strictly roots Chris Ward is...

A lot of being strictly roots comes from your roots and Wardo's roots were strictly roots as a grom so where do you go once you've already achieved strictly roots status?  I guess skies the limit...
Wardo 10 years later, keeping it STRICTLY ROOTS!

(Hidden Electro Dome song within this post, find it, love it, live it! Roooots!) 
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Latest Idol...Bunker Spreckels

Bunker Who?  Bunker Spreckels!  That's who betch!
I had never heard of this surf legend either till my homey Po of  The AMPAL Creative posted this and so I felt obliged to copy his post and put it up on here as well.  Lets just say the video below speaks for itself but this dude lived the dream life as a rockstar/playboy for a few good years just running wild all over the world and taking down myrts left and right!  Unfortunately his excessive partying eventually caught up to him and he passed as a surf legend never to be forgotten.  Read on and watch the video for more deets...  

I don’t think the movie ever got made, but Taschen did put out “Bunker Spreckels: Surfings Divine Prince of Decadence.”  Described as -

“The wild, brief life of a surfing legend and international playboy

“The tale of Bunker Spreckels (1949–1977) reads like a pitch for a movie to rival Boogie Nights: the stepson of Clark Gable is a privileged Los Angeles party boy who is heir to a multimillion dollar fortune; passionate about surfing, martial arts, guns, and women, he lives the life of a debauched international jet-setter before succumbing to his excesses at the tender age of 27.

“Born Adolph B. Spreckels III, heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune, Bunker became a famous surfer as a teenager, but after his inheritance came along, he began to slip into a life of pomp and excess where surfing took a back seat to drugs, sex, and wild road trips. So remarkable was his lifestyle that he created an alter-ego who invited photographers and documentarists to trail him, piecing together a tell-all epic of his own rise to fame and fortune. Before the project, known as “The Player”, could be completed, Spreckels suddenly died of “natural causes.””

From master surf photographer Art Brewer and writer/photojournalist C.R. Stecyk III.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

...Electro Dome... KENYA

Kenya Dig?  Dig some fucking radical music?  Why yes, yes I sure can!  And so can you with a click of a mouse and a froth at the mouth!  

My homey Kenya has been frothing Electro Hell tunez since I first learned to bust the equestrian (sexual conquest coined by Da Man in which... nah I'll let you figure it out)!  Anyways, Kenya aka Latane Hughes aka Lightening aka Happy Feet aka Electro Stomper has been spinnin some ill shit for quite sometime and has played  at such exquisite venues as the Standard rooftop Downtown, the Garter in Venice, and has also opened for Hey Champ!  If that ain't an impressive enough track record for you to take a shneek peak at his epic shit, well slap me silly and call me William Fuacckkkner!
Amidst his killer performances and foot stompin, Kenya runs a sick blog filled with electro hell tunes that will make your face melt off!  With such an eclectic background in da electro hell industry, it was only in due time that he'd produce a mix tape that was pure gold!  And guess what?  That day has finally come!  I've pretty much listened to his tape entitled "le cheval fonce" (French for  "Anal Tongue Dart" jk it means "The Dark Horse") 2 times already in the past 2 hours and haven't been able to stop pumping my first and stomping my foot ever since!  The gnarliest part about this glorious electro hell orgy, besides his MENTAL & mindboggling mixing of so many ultimate classics, is the fact that he recorded the entire thing in ONE FUCKING TAKE on the rooftop of his Venice pad!  
Don't miss Kenya & the rest of the Guns In The Sun crew playing this Oct. 31st Halloween @ The Hendo Fonda Theater 

You can play the mix tape below while you're at work and also download it to bring with you in your car, your bath tub, your shower, and/or your S & M parties!  Ultimately, you can pop this baby into your iTunes, crank the music to volume 12, crack a beer, and just wait and see the swarm of party goers that'll be trying to break your door down within minutes...  

I'll quit gabbing so you can start frothing but let me just finish by leaving you with something a wise man once said: "MAD SKILLS!" - Shawn Briley, Pipeline, Circa his triumphant return.   


  1. foreword from our governor
  2. yuksek - break ya (kenya's "a fresch start for vernon" campaign trail mix)
  3. lindstrom & solale - baby i can't stop (aeroplane remix)
  4. yuksek - so down (featuring chromeo)
  5. data rock - i used to dance with my daddy (metal on metal remake)
  6. michael jackson - thriller (louis laroche remix)
  7. mr. oizo - two takes it
  8. the presets - talk like that (miami horror remix)
  9. holy ghost! - i will come back
  10. hey champ - cold dust girl (only children remix)
  11. lykke li - i'm good, i'm gone (fred falke remix)
  12. VEGA vs. knightlife - kyoto the crusader (kenya's mardi gras mestizaje)*
  13. empire of the sun - standing on the shore (cassian remix)
  14. PNAU featuring ladyhawke - embrace (fred falke & miami horror remix)
  15. metronomy - heartbreaker (kris menace remix)
  16. visitor - los feeling (digital foxglove + wonder remix)
  17. passion pit - folds in your hands (kenya's loopy jew fro edit)
  18. manyus & dario G - stardust (main mix)
  19. miami horror - make you mine (original vs. cassian remix)*
  20. rhigeria - vamos a la playa
  21. deep dish featuring stevie nicks - dreams
  22. nightwaves - invincible (snow picnic remix)
  23. cut copy - out there on the ice
  24. symbolone - love juice (moulinex remix)
  25. VEGA - all too vivid (kill the noise remix)
  26. hey champ - in the white city
  27. simian mobile disco - tits & acid
  28. kaiser chiefs/cut copy vs. justice/boys noize - phantom beat (kenya's texas tornado)*
  29. the very best king of the pop jungle outro

*[mash tracks]* - VEGA - kyoto gardens (unreleased), knightlife - crusader, miami horror - make you mine, miami horror - make you mine (cassian remix), kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat (cut copy remix), justice - phantom II (boys noize unreleased turbine)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SAH Updates

You may have noticed some changes with the site recently.  It may look like I've gone from analog to digital or modern to post modern or nihilist to minimalist but in reality I just pressed a few buttons and that shit changed son!  You also might notice that I picked up a few new sponsorships along the way as well.  I'm super stoked on these guys and even more stoked that they're giving my readers radical deals!  Here's the 3 new sponsors I picked up and the deals they're throwin your way:

-Glenda's Party Cove (Free party favors with purchase if you tell Glenda "Surf Ambassador Hendo sent me, olive mother goose".  But please do not look into her left eye)

-Adelita Bar (Free Donkey show admission for the first 400 people who say "Froth & Foam" at the door) 

-and of course Natural Ice (Free eternal hangover and Montezuma's revenge with each sip).             

 I've also added some new features on the side column to the right ( ----> that way for the directionally challenged.  No worries, I used to be in da club too).   These features include:

Vid Of Da Week:  Each week I'll try to update this section (depending on how hungover/lazy I am) with a new vid that I think will make you flip your lid.  Of course I had to start it off with one of my all time favorite's: "Heartbreaker" by MSTRKRFT!  

- Electro Hell Tune O' Da Week: See above but replace vid with tune and lid with prune.  The songs linked on this site should be considered promotional samples only and you should purchase the songs, go to the bands show, or buy one of their t-shirts (disclaimjumper).      

- On Tour: A list of the shows where, if you're lucky enough, you might just see SAH & Poseidon's Posse frothing, getting nude & lude, and stomping to some electro hell beatz!  Aka some great up and coming shows that you'd be a fool to miss!  


- Facebook Fan Page:  You can add yourself as a fan on SAH's facebook page for exclusive content, shneek peaks of upcoming posts, and uber facebook pokes that'll leave you with a gnarls rash on your fine arse.  

Other than hiring a few chimp interns, I can't really think of any other updates at the moment.  Keep yourself busy with the new shit and while you're at it, send me some electro hell tunes that you like and you just might be lucky enough to get your shit up and on here.  Until then my friends, keep reading and I'll keep getting weird.

Speaking of getting weird, there's a shitload of Halloween parties coming up, hit me up for the dirty deets.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steezin and Breezin: OUTA DA WATER II

Just thought I'd add this lil gem to the mix of Outa Da Water Style Masters.  Who gives a shit if these dudes can even surf, their clothes are so roots that it looks like they're partying all the time!  I actually have a pair of Gecko Hawaii pants like that, if I could only find a pink shirt like the dude's in the middle that says: "Whip It Out And Play With It", then I'd be the cat's meow!  
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Steezin and Breezin: OUTA DA WATER

"Oh my god, where the fack is Count Chocula?"
Every skater I meet constantly tries to claim that skating is better than surfing solely due to the fact that surfing has no characters, no personality, and no individuality.  They seem to think that we're a bunch of communists who fall in line like some sort of cult where everybody looks, thinks, and acts the same.  Well guess what skateboardin?  No offense, but take the broom stick outa yer acehole and the chopsticks outa yer ears and listen up for a bit, cause you're dead wrong!  The surf world is filled to the brim with characters and individuality, you've just gotta know where to look...  
I agree that there may be a few similarities in the fashion sense, lifestyles, and personalities of several CT surfers (a lot of which has to do with their sponsors who dictate what they wear, eat, sleep, and slay).  However, WCT surfers do not make up the entire surfing World as a whole what so ever, more like a small fraction.  So where are all the individuals at?  That type of question is like asking "where do you find the chill sauce at" in a Ralph's Supermarket (true story, I asked some swollen chick that once and she started screaming at me: "Is that some kind of innuendo or something??!!"  I tend to forget that not everyone is as word savvy as yours truly, watch Brocabulary and get caught up fool).  

Anyways, there are so many different characters within the surf world that lead such interesting lives not only in the water but also outside of the water that I couldn't resist exposing them in hopes of enlightening others whose vision of surfing is a bunch of "gnarly cowabunga dudes"...  

One small step for surfers, one giant leap for stoners...

This is my mini tribute to a few of  the more core surfers who stand out in the lime light off the beaten path and keep it roots by not conforming to the social norms.  Whether or not they are known for their style in the water, their style out of the water is what contributes to the progressive nature of individualism within all that is surfing.   

For starters, we must bow our heads and pay homage to where it all began...
The man, the myth, the legend, Da Cat.  
Miki Dora 
"the dashing and enigmatic rebel who, for twenty years was the King of Malibu surfers, dominated the waves, ruled his peers' imaginations, and- to this day- inspires the fantasies of decades of Dora wannabes who began to swarm his pristine paradise after the movie Gidget helped surfing explode into the mainstream and changed it forever- many say for the worse." -David Rensin from All for a Few Perfect Waves.

Miki Dora was also an "avid sportsman, raconteur, philosopher, traveler- and scam artist of wide repute" whose dedication to surfing was far beyond fathomable.  I think it's safe to say that they broke the mold when they made Miki Dora. 

Matt Archbold 
"Always redlining on the brink of destruction, be it in surfing or living, he routinely pulls through with style to burn.  His dedication to Old School fluidity and power, while continually pushing the limits of performance, make him a hero to young and old alike.  The adage, live fast; die young, is Archy all the way, only he's still going." - Jason Borte of Surfline

If history repeats itself, then Archy is Da Cat of the 21st century and Blue Crush is the Gidget that helped surfing explode into the mainstream for the worse.  Archy is legend.  He breathes punk rock style in the water with his power hacks and signature larrys (laybacks) and he breathes old skool style out of the water with his affinity towards the better life of a greaser filled with classic restored cars, tattoos that tell it like it is, and a care free and rebellious attitude.  If you haven't seen The Archy Movie yet, I suggest you immediately go out and buy it and find out why he is one of the most interesting humans and best surfers of all time.  

Ozzie Wright 
"He's an all around artist that creates through: surfing, painting, music, etc.  A surf star by day and rock star by night.  He has had art shows around the World, and is both loved and hated in the surf scene."  -MORINformed

Ozzie is a fa-reak dude.  The guy surfs like he's gone mental and he lives the lifestyle of a vampire torn between painting and music/sucking blood or sucking boobs.  His band The Goons of Doom are a "stupid, hyperactive, rolicking drunk, and occasionally sexual times" band that "drew crowds based on cheap liquor and a laugh"(TGOD).  I think I saw them once in IV and their lewd/bizarre/creepy antics made me look like a knight in shining armor to a certain damsel in distress, so for that I thank them!  Ozzie is roots cause he doesn't give a shit if you think he's a freak, a weirdo, or a creep, he is who he is...    

Dave Rastovich 
"His relaxed and pure approach to life on land often spills over into water life.  It's no secret that Dave Rastovich is an environmental advocate doing his best to spread the message of protecting our oceans and preserving the earth." -Billabong 

Rasta lives a lifestyle outside of the water that many of us think about living inside our heads but never have the time, patience, or balls to actually do.  Rasta is truly a person who puts the ocean and the environment before himself and others.  His laid back and fluid style within his free surf career has given him the necessary time to advocate for a healthier environment; a progressing concern that people the World round are dangerously overlooking.  Rasta is an inspiration to all (including myself and Hayden Panettiere , never thought I'd do yoga or love dolphins so much...) and for that we should all be extremely thankful.  If we all cared about the environment as much as Rasta, I probably wouldn't be growing this damn third nipple from surfing shit El Porto so much...    

There's a few more style masters I'm gonna throw up on here next time, but for now you can do your part and click the follow link on the right (true believers), and then comment on some of the masters who you might think I've left out, I'm all ears buddies...
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Monday, October 19, 2009

...Electro Dome... Remixes & Mash Ups

Before I get back to my regularly scheduled program regarding Style Out of the Water, I thought I'd give yall a lil intermission to groove to. There's definitely something to be said for a song that's great and stands alone as a classic. But what happens when someone takes that song, rips it apart, and adds their own interpretation/bells and whistles to it? Sometimes remixes like this can call for utter disaster but if you know where to look, it can sometimes be even more mind boggling and classic than its original! On top of that, a similar question would be, what happens when two songs make love through what is called a "mash up"? Do they hate fuck each other till they kill themselves in a battle royale like when you try to make rampsters (rat hampsters)? Or do they make sweet sweet love that turns into a beautiful baby that far surpasses the brilliance of its parents? I'm going to have to say, E) all of the above are possible, but the more negative answers will not go down under my watch betchez, not under my watch!
I've hand picked a few of my favorite remixes and mash ups for your listening pleasure. Hope they make you wanna get straight in your car and head to Vegas for a 3 day party bender that leaves you broke, starving, burnt, nude, and exhausted but nonetheless leaves you pumping your fist or stomping your feet non stop all the way till your friends pick you up for an intervention! Enjoy!


THE ALL TIME MASTERS OF MASH UPS ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT TRV$ & DJ AM. Rest In Peace DJ AM, your spirit lives on and continues to inspire each and everyday.

And for the puke filled car ride home:

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Steezin and Breezin: IN DA WATER

What's next?  Wearing headgear or some bull shit like that?
(reality check: fire your stylus Lady Gagacock!)
What is it?  
I could be uber cliche right now and define what style is according to Webster and all that crap but that just ain't me, I ain't writing no thesis paper here homey (as you can tell from my grammatically correct sentences).  Instead, I just wana talk a lil bit about style in and out of the water.  Who's got it, who doesn't, who needs it, and who wishes they had it...   
G Lopez, Mr. Pipeline, style frozen in time via water-paint acrylix 

Firstly, we'll start off with style in the water
Surfing is such a unique entity in and of itself due to the fact that it could potentially take the average person a whole year just to learn how to stand up on a board, a whole nother year just to learn how to catch the face of a wave, another year to learn how to go down the line, and another year to learn how to land one of the most basic tricks; a floater.  Essentially we're talking about a total of 4 years just to become a poor average surfer.  Of course there are always exceptions to the rule (I started landing air reverses on my second wave ever, but that's just me...)  Ultimately, it could potentially take a total of 10 solid years for the average person to become a good average surfer.  I'd consider a good average surfer as one who can consistently pull frontside and backside snaps, carves, round houses, floaters, airs, 360s, can make 1 out of 4 barrells, and is comfortable surfing such waves as Big Rock, Steamer Lane, Jalama, Rincon, Rocky's, Gas Chambers, Cloudbreak, Macaronis and other challenging intermediate waves.  However, just because one can pull the previously mentioned maneuvers in their bag of tricks does not mean shit if they can't do it with style.  In surfing, STYLE IS EVERYTHING!  

Essentially, a surfer could be pulling air reverses, rodeo flips, frontside round houses with reverse rebounds, and floater tweaks galore but if they look like a fucking stink bug and stick their ass in the air while doing so, the tricks they pull and the barrells they get DON'T MEAN SHIT cause they're not doing them with style.
Slates, has everything in his bag of tricks, even style, that's a given! 
Professional surfers belong in the utmost superior realm of surfing because not only are they able to pull the best tricks on a more than consistent basis, surf the most challenging waves in the world, and get laid pretty much every night; they do all of these things with elegance, grace, and style.  Much like how artists bring their own unique vision and perspective to the art that defines them, each pro surfer brings his or her own unique way of riding a wave.  Some pro surfers are known best for their croozy style and their way of connecting tricks, some are known for their aerial tactics, some are known for their innovative signature moves, some are known for having huge balls and charging the biggest waves in the World, and some are known for their barrell riding skills.  There are just so many talented pro surfers out there all bringing their own style and unique touch to the table that it's really hard to pin point the best in the biz, but for now here's a stab at some of my favs...       

I present you, some of The Best Style Masters In The Water:
Tom Curren is the man who invented surfing with style, everyone else just emulates his steez.  "He makes the wave look beautiful" - Asian dude from Alley Oop.   
Watching Dan Malloy shralp when I was a grom, I was quick to realize that his surfing was smooth, polished, and just oozed steez.  His surfing STILL is, it just might be a lil greener than it used to be... If you wana see an example of his uber style, just watch his part in The Show.   
What comes to mind when you think of Wardo's style?  I'd have to say punk rock, don't give a fuck, aggressive surfing that's constantly in yo face, that's for sure.  Wardo has perfected the floater tweak and taken it to another level of steez.  K-Robb flows at mach 10 speeds and throws down steez like you wouldn't believe (as you can tell my rapping career is blossoming right now!)  He throws down the sickest front side grab rail reverses I've ever seen anyone do.  To this day, I still have yet to see anyone pull a more perfect and clean no handed frontside 360 air like the one he did in the intro of Goodtimes.      
   Rob has been known as the style master for ages.  His nonchalant surfing style makes it look as if he's not even trying when he's out there.  With awesome lines, a lethal backside arsenal,  and radical hand jives, Rob throws it down for the goof troop and leaves the regular footers in his dust!  Taylor, T, T-Knox: power surfer, style master, SD legend.  Taylor throws style into each insane power hack that he lays down!  You can see him frequently tearing the shit outa North County lefts and carving perfect lines all over the World.  Another master of the floater tweak, Taylor surfs fast as hell and throws more spray than Shamu on a Wednesday.
Joel Parkinson throws it down for the Aussie Posse down unda.  If you ever watch Parko shredding, he looks so relaxed and it almost looks as if he's not even trying at all.  His style is flowy, fast, and full of the top moves.  It's no wonder that he was sitting pretty at the top of the CT for most of the year this year, now if he can only restake his position, there'd be a lot of  stoked Aussies and even more stoked Fantasy Surfer nerdbots! 

For now, those are some of the style masters in the water that have made a significant impact on surfing in the style department.  Come back later to check out some more style masters out of the water (Archy?  could be), and some of the surfers who's careers would be thriving if they actually had style...   
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Who Can Creep Out The Fedex Guy More?

Ever find yourself extremely bored at work and lurkin on facebook just ain't cuttin it no mo? Fear no more my fine frothy fellows and fantastic flirty felines, Surf Ambassador Hendo's got just the remedy to kill your boredom. It's a new game I made up one day called: "Who can creep out the Fedex guy more?" I know the concept and the point of the game might not be uber self explanatory so let me explain...
To make a long story short, this idea came to me one rainy day in the midst of a typical work session. My office/pubicle/dwelling is the closest one to the front door and thus I'm usually the first one to answer the door when it rings. Every freaking day there's usually this UPS dude who will not stop talking to me about getting weird, drinkin beers, and being young and free. It's hilarious but super weird cause he's pretty old and he always makes sure to remind me that it's almost "beer thirty" and that I should make sure that I take full advantage of my freedom while I still can. Anyways, a co-worker whose office was right by the front door as well, would constantly overhear the random conversations I'd have with this dude and afterward would always say: "dude that's some weird shit man, you're talking to the Fedex dude about getting weird? WTF Bro?!" To my defense I told him "you have no idea brah..."So we got to talkin and one thing led to another and eventually we made a bet that the first person to creep out the next delivery guy gets $5 and claiming rights for all of time. Seeing as though I don't give a shit about doing this sort of thing, I decided to go first out of the two of us and was ready to get weird. We went back to our respective cubicles and tried to work while we waited for the door bell to ring. Five minutes passed and no door bell rang. Fifteen minutes passed and the only thing that rang was the cow bell that sits on my desk (can never have enough cow bell). An hour passed and FINALLY the door bell rang. This was it, my time to shine, my time to prove that I could be creepier than my office mate, and hopefully my time to scare the shit out of some poor innocent delivery dude.
So we both lurked out of our offices and I poked my head around the corner and saw a 5 foot 9 lil Fedex feller drenched from the rain holding onto a box ready to be signed for. I politely opened the door and let the lil guy in. Immediately upon him entering, I greeted him with an overly friendly and obnoxiously loud "What's Up Man?! How's it goin Dude?!" to which he awkwardly responded: "oh not much mang, please sign here." I gave him a classic creepy smile and again loudly responded: "Cool Man, You Got It Bro, NO PROBLEMOOO!!!" At this point I could sense a bit of his uneasiness and knew it was time to strike. Just as my pen was about to hit his electronic Fedex gadget to sign for the package, I lifted up my head and said: "Hey man, byyyyy the wayyyyy, what are you up to this weekend man?". With some overly shifty eyes quickly looking left then right then left and right again (as if he wasn't sure that I was talking to him) he finally made nervous eye contact with my bug eyes and shrugged: 'Uhhh ha ummm probably just uhh staying dry you know mang, it is kinda wet out there ha". After saying so, he awkwardly smiled and immediately began looking at the ground and slowly backpedaled closer to the door. So again, as creepy as possible, without ever breaking eye contact, I responded wide eyed/huge smiled and said: "Oh COOL MAN, Sounds Good, Sounds Great, Well HEY! You Know Whatttt, If You're Not Busy Man, I'm Actually Having A RAAADDD Puppet Show Just Up The Street At The Dog Park Up There, You Should Come By And Check It Out Dude, Should Be A Great Turn Out, Whata Ya Say Bud?!!?!" At this point the dude was pretty much already out the door without me even signing for the package. With his back up against the wall and hand on the door knob he quite nervously cleared his throat and then responded: "Oh ha umm uhh yeah ha umm cool uhhh" looks at the ground again and points to the package and says "ha ya thanks man umm please sign uhhh thanks mang, I have to go, very busy, lots of packages mang." At that point, I knew I had done my duty and I decided to stop the suffering, signed the package, and let the lil feller go. He bolted out of there faster than a grown man who just ate 6 laxatives, hopped in his truck, and peeled the fuck out. I think I might have heard him say something like "el diablo de mierda" or something like that, not sure... But I wont the $5 and ultimate claimjumper rights for eva! (Rooooooots!)
I'll end it there before this post gets any longer than it is but you get the point. Give this game a lil try and get creative with it people! You can even make up your own shit to entertain yourself at work. Whatever you do, I just wanna hear your stories about lurkin hard and creepin proud! But please just make sure you don't do it to the mail man, they have tendencies of goin postal and the last thing I need is some grom getting shanked cause of my post (disclaimer). Get out there and get weird and email me your stories at
Froth it
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The Title Race Is On!

The results are in and the numbers don't lie...
The Aussie Posse is holding strong on the top with a Brazo and a Yank just seconds away.  Just remember what my brother told me, "the tortoise always wins the race" (apparently the Hare is the dude who takes 10 shots then pukes all over his date before 10:00 and the tortoise is the wise one who drinks 30 beers over the course of the night and is somehow still the last one standing after everyone else is passed out in their own mank sauce...) 
Should make for an interesting Triple Crown eh?

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ginga Ninjaz...

I'm hoping that some day there will be a video like this about an International Kick A Sponger/SUPer Day.  That'll be the day! 
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

...Electro Dome... Walter Sobcek

After frothing a super sick Miike Snow show this Tuesday and an even more MENTAL Chromeo show last night, my addiction to electro hell has gotten significantly amplified and intensified.  Soon enough I may have to get checked into rehab for my excessive blasting and stomping of electro beats!  After hearing this song by Walter Sobcek today while searching for more gems, I couldn't help but do another Electro Dome post dedicated to this fucking radical song!  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the mp3 anywhere for it but the sexy time Risky Biz video featuring Tommy Boy and What's Her Face is simply the icing on the cake to an already brilliant and flowy electro tune!  
Here's the vid, you can thank me later:    
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...Electro Dome... Toecutter

My homey Corey Worthington over in Aus is a freaking party animal and he does not give a shit about nothin.  You may all know him from his legendary video below but most recently Toecutter sampled one of his epic lines and has made an ultimate party mash up featuring a Cool and The Gang beat and some samples from Justice, Daft Punk, and the likes...
The song is epic and it just makes me want to take my pants off and start party stomping nude all around my whole apartment, I'm sure you'll dig it too!
Here's his legendary vid:

Here's the song:

Corey's recording some samples for me right now so be on the look out for a Party Sauce remix featuring Corey Worthington .   
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A Message From Poseidon To All The LA Kooks

Finally Poseidon has answered my calls and has sent a message to all the LA kooks who think they can surf:  DON'T FUCK WITH POSEIDON!  Everyday I pray to Poseidon for the hope that the cluttered waters of LA will be cleared of Patagonia Pacsun kooks and SUPers who litter our glorious water with their waterproof cell phones, smart cars, claims of surfing Trestles every time there's a swell (ya you're cool bro), their colored wax, their fruit boots, and their lack of respect and common surf etiquette.  The day has finally come where Poseidon sent one of his minions to relay this message and let all the kooks know that he never sleeps and he's always watching so take your Blue Crush lifestyle  somewhere else!  Here's his little friend Beelzebud saying hello:
He is beautiful no?
More info on my lil homey can be found here

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