Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where The Fuck Is Wardo?

Just saw this on, come on Wardo, get it togetha brotha, we need this one lil buddy!
"LES BOURDAINES, France –When pro surfers travel great distances in a short amount of time there are always repercussions, and the Quik Pro in France has certainly seen its share. Both CJ Hobgood and Chris Ward are the early casualties.

Competitors had less than 48 hours to get settled in France after the completion of the Hurley Pro. Hobgood arrived half asleep. Before hitting the sack he dragged his quiver of boards out to the balcony of the same rental flat that he’s been renting year after year, then woke up to find them missing.

“He thought it was a joke at first,” said his coach Chris Gallagher. “All his magic boards were gone. CJ’s pretty much a dwarf, so it’s not like those things are easy to ride. And they’re pretty easy to spot, so we’ve put out an award.”

Meanwhile, Chris Ward’s whereabouts remained a mystery as his Round One heat got underway. Contest officials and his fellow competitors were uttering the ubiquitous “Where’s Wardo?” theme. Speculation is Wardo was confused by the event location going mobile, and was probably sitting on some lonely beach in the early morning fog.

Wardo needn’t worry. He’ll be able to make his Round Two heat. After today, he’ll be joining the likes of CJ Hobgod, Mick Fanning, Bede Durbidge and Adriano De Souza in that round. The aforementioned all came up short in their Round One heats, and have been sent to the losers round.

Meanwhile, Slater, Parko, Taj, Dane and Jordy all looked solid today, and have jumped directly to Round Three.
More to come…stay tuned."
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