Friday, September 11, 2009

Surf Ambassador Hendo's Brocabulary

So I was frothing this mental myrt at myrtle court the other day when a shneaky William Shatner slipped me some freejoles and shralped his way into chandeliering one of my best floater tweaks ever! I was so livid that I called up the ranga army to foam his trog ass girlfriend and smoke his beers! Meanwhile Mr. Winkler was frothing so hard in the corner that he got heart murms and nightcrawlers so he had to call up sir gnarls barx to get him frocking again! Not Roots!
True Surfer Bros

If you are like most normal human beings, you're probably asking yourself right about now: "what the fuck is he talking about? guy has gone mental!" Ahhh do not despair my fine frothy friends, the time has come for enlightenment! They say igrnorance is bliss yeah? Well that's a load of shit cause if you still don't know what most of my slang words mean then you most likely feel like I did while trying to understand that one thing called "times tables" (ask my dad about that one, slowwwwww learner, burnt my calculator after 9th grade,
Not gonna lie, I feel kinda weird being the teacher for the day and not the one getting frothed by a ruler (or sometimes a wooden spork)

That's right folks, today is your lucky day! Why? Because I feel generous and I feel good, so I'm gonna let you in on a little secret today. What secret is that you ask? The secret to unlocking my vocabulary or "bro-cabulary" and a few of the bizarre ass slang words you so frequently hear. Unfortunately I have so many words and so many definitions of words but so very little time to define em all so what you see is a lil sample definition of each word and just a fragment of my entire brocabuloary mate! The key to unlocking my phenomenal word-smith-man-ship is just a click away! See that lil video below these words? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about! Now stop listening to me and click the damn thing, I promise you won't be let down (unless you are expecting another severe epileptic seizure inducing video, this one is more minor inducing). Froth it myrt!

I'd like to thank Wolf for filming this, editing it, and making some MENTAL graphics! You've got quite the rad career ahead of you my man! Thanks for everything!

I'd also like to thank all the sponsors (Trojan, Freejoles, & Da 909) of the vid from the bottom of my heart! Your support keeps me truckin and your paycheck (which I have yet to see) keeps me chuggin! For all the rest of you out there, keep on watchin and I'll keep on frothin!
-Hendonesia, Out, Late!

Standing prouder and more united than ever, USA 9-11
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  1. I feel like I just watched a ruff cut of James Cameron's titanic.....emmy in less than 5 years?////posse-sea-blay.

    I'm already claiming, I want to do the weather forecast for your video blog.

  2. frothing= foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog, excited, foaming. cmon hendo get your shit straight

  3. epic OAM pad and H airbrush by the way

  4. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to put up all the 6 definitions of FROTH that I know of and have made, so the one you see is just one out of 6 mate! To froth also = an M.O. sesh
    I hear ya though brah

  5. froth also means beer in aus - "wanna catch up for a few froffs bloke?"