Monday, September 7, 2009

Stay Weird, Stay Wild, Stay Free

Our homies over at Crap Eyewear sponsored a radical pool party froth bash at the Roosevelt in Hollyweird on Saturday and the shit hit the fan!  Freaks were to be seen gallivanting every which way and frothing every other way!  With a party hosted by Collaborative Media and The Cobrasnake plus uber rad sounds pumping by Hammerwolf and others, how the hell could you not have a good time?  Check out some of the madness that went down while you were asleep:
Some of the myrt talent chilling poolside 
Gettin weird, wet, and wild 
Marcus frothing a mental backflip
Fellow Frothing Myrtles member: Luna-Tick
Po of AMPAL, Leah, and SAH keepin it weird! 
More babes
Pete of CRAP who is definitely in the lead for the mustache bash for cash! 
T-Dunf hangin poolside 
DJ Airwolf frocking the night away!

Check out The Cobrasnake's website for all of the other pics
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