Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SAH's 3 Favorite Surf Blogs

Sometimes when you stroke your own ego off too much you start to creep yourself out, your pubes turn grey, and you can't even look at yourself in the mirror anymore...
I ain't no narcissist but I'm sure as hell not afraid to occasionally shed some light on the interesting things goin on in my life. However, today shall be different! Today is not about me, it's not about you, it's about all the other guys out there putting in countless nerdbot hours behind their computer thinking of funny, interesting, and ultimately entertaining shit (sometimes relevant to surfing) to write about and hopefully get at least one of you laughing and eventually hook you in like a fish! After all, where would I be today if I had no footsteps to follow and no blueprint to go by? (Probably still frothing in IV, getting weird as the Dojo Grand-Daddy, surfing shit peskies, growing my beard out to my nips, and living with ice heads like Pirate and Karms at Dog Shit park in one of those VW buses surrounded by maggots and foot patrol horse shit! Just a random guess?).
Anyways, back to what I was saying... oh yeah, I owe a lot to the other surf blogs out there! I particularly owe a lot to the blogs who make mine look actually kinda cool by being so shitty, but we won't even go there today. Today we're talking about the ones that have truly inspired me, the ones that have given me hope of a bright future, and have shown me that, regardless of what others say, people ACTUALLY read! The following blogs are my Favorite Surf Blogs for various reasons and should be respected and given props to for the masterpieces that they truly are!

1.) .TV/DION The godfather of surf blogs and inventor of the Kerr-Agius Flip, Mr. Dion Agius's blog brought to you by Globe Shoes.
Dion does mental innovative airs in the water and partys like a savage out of it. He's been in the blogging game for quite some time and been killin it ever since! With a blog chalk full of hot babes, electro hell vibes, sick surf shots, and videos that'll leave you frothing at the mouth, it's about effing time Surfline featured his shit on their site!
Just another walk in the park for Dion's blog...
As you can tell above, Dion's got quite the eye for good art. Props to Dion & Globe for seeing potential in something, taking it and running with it, and literally starting a whole forest fire full of surf stoked blogs that hope to some day accomplish (and root) as much as you have. Cheers mate!

2.) In a word, LEGEND!
Paul Fisher aka The Fish is fucking mental! The guy is everything you wish you were and does everything you think about doing but are too scared to do. He is: The Most Interesting Man Ever. With a blog full of epic videos that scream: "I don't give a fuck, no seriously I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK!" you are sure to get a barrell of laughs when you visit his site. This guy lives life to the fullest and if you ain't part of his wild party, I suggest you get a liver replacement, at least that way you'll have some sort of handicap when trying to keep up! Take a look for yourself, at a day in the life of The Fish:
The Fish is known for his heli-cock-ter wild party animal antics, his electro hell DJ skillz, rooting myrts, showin up in his birfday suit, drinking kooks under the table, and straight up bringing the party where ever he goes. Also, behind all that good shit, the guy is a pretty damn good surfer and rides for Reef and DHD. Be sure to check out his site, his videos, and be on the look out for his next DJ gig! Who knows, he could be busting a heli-cock-ter soon in a grimy bar near you!

3.) R.I.P
With a picture like that and words that so elegantly compliment such a disturbing image, how could you not immediately be hooked to Lewis Samuel's Post Surf blog? You may remember him as the guy who used to do the power rankings for Surfline until he wrote an article that jeopardized a few people and, well, the rest is history. After his writing stint with Surfline, he ventured off into a solo career and continued to post his brutally truthful yet hilarious antics on his own blog. If anyone were to be compared to as the Perez Hilton of the surf blog world, Lewis takes the cake. He has uber strong opinions, hilarious analogies, relevant yet intriguing information, comical photos and captions, and he sure as hell ain't scared to say what's on his mind (an admirable characteristic that would get most of us shot).
Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Lewis wrote his supposed last post on his blog and entitled it his Epilogue. Viewers around the world mourned the death of surfing's most unique blog of all time that day. Fortunately enough, the stars realigned and one of the greatest collaborations since Ren & Stimpy, got together and are ready to fuck shit up! That's right, this past Saturday, Lewis wrote an article for Stab Mag and it seems evident that we'll be able to find him right where he belongs! Keep your eyes peeled for more to come with Lewis and Stab but in the meantime, scroll through the classic posts of Post Surf and you'll be sure to laugh your arse off mate!

Well there you have it creeps, those are my 3 favorite blogs at the moment. Key word: "at the moment". If you think your blog or know of a blog that is better, funnier, got hotter babes, bigger airs, and bigger tits then go ahead and drop me a line and I'll let you know what I think!

In the meantime, here are some of my homie's surf blogs that continually inspire and motivate me! Keep your eyes peeled, these blogs are definitely on their way up the ranks:

XXL Winner & La Jolla Legend, Derek Dunfee's Blog

Big Wave Charger & La Jolla Leged, John Maher's Blog

Good friend, good surfer, SD socialite, SD Geogie's Blog

Sicko, SB Buddy, Myrt Frother, The Beach Goth

Best Blog Tips

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