Monday, September 21, 2009

Guns In The Sun Take Over The Garter This Wednesday! Paris Hilton Naked!

This Wednesday Guns In The Sun brings you one of the most epic line ups since Fraggle Rock met The Punisher! No, pin head Paris won't be there (just put her name in the title to get more hits) but get ready to get your Electro froth on cause this party ain't gonna stop till da roof comes off! With highly anticipated musical performances from such nova killers as:
Scorpion Breath (P-Nuss & Clay of Crap)

the artist formerly known as DJ Penningtration aka SWEATPANTS
Kenya (of Kenyadig)
and KKS
with such a phenomenal line up, how the hell could you not get in your roller skate on wheels and get your silly ass down to the Garter (2536 Lincoln Blvd. @ Washington & Lincoln) for a drink or 12?! With drink specials like 2 for 1 Jack & Cokes, the night is certainly gonna be a fine line of playing just the tip with a drink or 2 or going full throttle and saying "fuck work tomorrow", I'm doing this thing the right way: Weird, Wild, and Free! Either way, sack up and put on your dancin shoes, your garter belts, your AMPAL cap, your munster pants, anti-flannel shirts, Crap shades, suspenders, knee highs, and your nerdbot specs cause shit is gonna get Frothy and Foggy up in this place, that's for sure!
See you there...

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