Thursday, September 10, 2009

...Electro Dome... Timmy & K Robb at Rocky's

Remember Tim Curran's video entitled Faces?  Heck, I sure do, watched that damn thang every single day in surf advisory in middle school!  Think I know that video front to back like a mongoose knows a muskrat's asshole.  
Remember the part when Timmy goes to da Nor Chore to hang with his local braddah rippa boy by da name of Kalani Robb aka da best goofy footer of all time?  Yeah I sure do!  If you're having trouble remembering the insane shred session that they have at Rocky's, this song oughta help ya a bit!  (It also might help you remember running the mile, going on surfaris in the shagon wagon, pitting at SOMA, and puking on the side of the road before your YMCA heat haha!).

Yup, it's:

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