Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...Electro Dome... Phoenix

Thanks to Dion Agius's blog a while back, I was introduced to the radness that is Phoenix.  Every now and then I had the occasional run in with some of their songs through purchased playlists, but it wasn't until Nick Po of Crap re-enlightened me of their mystical musical powers that I realized these guys were sick!   Unfortunately you probably know their most popular song entitled "1901" from K-Roq or that gay ass mini van commercial, but that song's still tight nonetheless.  These guys bring am Electro Pop that straight up is like comparing a big stick to a dum dum pop: MASSIVE!  So if you're feelin like you oughta take a lil breather from the harder shit and kick off your shoes for some relax time or possbily a lil after noon delight with your special someone, slip this in, crank up the volume, and let 'er ride!
Unfortunately some of the best Phoenix tracks aren't online (like Armistice, Girlfriend, Lasso...) so go and buy the album, you won't regret it!  In the meantime, the following Phoneix songs are sure to at least get you a make out (froth):

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