Tuesday, September 8, 2009

...Electro Dome... Cut Copy Remix

If you've never heard of Cut Copy then you've probly never seen Benji Weatherly's part in Stranger Than Fiction which also means you've probly never ridden a surfboard (aka you live in Arkansas and have some kind of sloth toe addiction to mountain dew with your sister who's also your girlfriend etc). Anywhoo, Cut Copy is sick (and for all you Aussies out there, I do like The Presets as well) and it was their song "Light's and Music" that definitely had a lot to do with my newly acquired Electro Hell addiction.

Normally I don't froth on remixes that hard because you know what they say: "mess with the bull and you get the horns", but this remix of Cut Copy's song entitled "Hearts On Fire" is straight up legit and immediately makes my entire body shake no matter how tight of a straight jacket they pin on me!
So check out this uber mental Cut Copy remix frothed by Viking!
Shit just makes me wana get up on da dance floor and get weird with you beh beh gurl!
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