Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cut Copy Frothing Live

I've been frothing over this new DJ program I got on my computer and have just been straight up nerdbotting out on that shit! I have come up with a bunch of DJ names abd I'm pretty sure I've got one that's here to stay but I ain't ready to reveal it to the public just yet. I'm on my way to bright horizons filled with electro hell tunes, spilled beer, flashing boobs, cigarette burns on my ass, waking up in random hotel rooms, tour stops in Bakersfield, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and of course lots and lots of flannel but I won't know that I've made it as a DJ until I reach a level of frothyness like Cut Copy! Here they are just striz-aight up owning and boning:

Cut Copy Live from krozm on Vimeo.

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