Monday, September 7, 2009

...Electro Dome...

There's a new section on Surf Ambassador Hendo called: 
Electro Dome 

Its a place like non other than you've eve been to before!  A place where you will find the best of music to get your froth on to!  A place that will take your mind to a level of shneekiness once thought of as impossible.  It's a place where monkeys fly inside of... ahhh fuck it, it's just gonna be a bunch of songs that I think are dope that you can listen to and then go out and buy for yourself!
Some of the songs will be some of my favorite old skool punk songs, some will be electro hell clasixx, and many will be songs that you might have heard in surf videos before but never knew what they were called.  All and all they will be good, they will be great, and they will be glorious!
To start things off, here's a lil treat you might recognize from the first Paul Fisher vid I posted a lil while back.  Yeah mates you guessed it, it's:

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