Sunday, September 20, 2009

ALL HAIL DANE REYNOLDS! 2009 Hurley Pro Champion!

Is what you would have read IF he won...
Unfortunately dreams don't always come true but they sure as hell can come close!
This Saturday, while I laid in my half pipe of a bed, in a state of  bed ridden hell, I watched the Trestles final in and out of sleep.  Of course everyone wanted to see the dream final of Slates Vs Dane-O but Slater some how choked in the semi against Eugene and alas it was da White Lightening vs Da Docta!  
Here at Surf Ambassador Hendo we pride ourselves in weird things, weirdness, and just straight up being weird!  What comes to mind when you hear the word "Weird Surf Phenomenon"?  If you live in Jamul you'd most likely answer "Russell Simmons on meth doing cartwheels" but if you're even remotely involved in the surf world you'd answer: "The D-R Doctor Dane Reynolds"!  So obviously we were rootin for Dane to take that pretty $105K check but if it had to be anybody else on the CT, we're more than stoked that it was our good Aussie friend Eugene (for we all know that he's gonna have one hell of a party with that cash, drop me an email Mick, I'm game to froth)!     
Gotta give it up to Mick during the final!  He straight up dominated and tore lowers a new a-hole.  On the other hand, Dane surfed the best comp I've seen him surf in quite sometime.  He had been straight up bending trestles over and givin her a gosh darn good root sesh while innocent bystanders (like the Tin Man [credit Wiles & Kado]) stood there slack jawed and sizzle chested!  The day FINALLY came where Dane made his first WCT final ever.  Unfortunately, Poseidon had other plans for Dane...  
May be the world is not ready for Dane to take over just yet.  May be the Young Guns still need some polishing.  May be the... NO, FUCK THAT!  With this contest as proof, it's clearly evident that the rookies and the newbies are far surpassing their mentors and a new breed of rulers are upon us!  If I were some of the tour vets, I'd be shitting my pants right now!  Not only did Dane prove what everyone had been waiting years for (CT Final, Podium, etc), he threw down hacks, airs, carves, tails wafts, and spins that shattered the people who once invented and supposedly perfected them!  Cheers to Mick for taking the Gold and hip hip hoo-ray to Dane for taking the World by storm!  The age of the froth is upon us, you've been warned...   
  Disclaimer: if this post seems freakish, it's most likely due to my delirious, lethargic, sleepy, and nauseous state.. 
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