Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surfs Flat, But The Beer Ain't!

Damo pulling into what looks like a hostpital pit (a break in North TJ)
During that fun swell 2 weeks ago, I didn't really find much time to post stuff cause I was surfing every single say for 9 days straight.  I had a lot of fun during that nice lil streak and caught some frothy ones for sure!  But once the swell faded away (along with my buzz), I found myself jobless, homeless, and shirtless again on the beach waiting for something and anything to roll through... I sat and I waited but nothing came through... UNTIL...

Lights, music, babes, and freaks!  That's right, the Party Parade came into town!  Last weekend was my first time at Manhattan Beach's annual 6 man drinking I mean volleyball tournament, and I must say it was quite the damn show.  I didn't even know there were volleyball courts there until a ball hit me in the face.  To me it seemed more like a booze fest full of frothing and foaming till you drop!  Not gonna get too into it (cause I think I'm still faded from Saturday) but this video from last year should give you a small idea of what it's all about (minus the rando kooks):
Be on the look out for something frrrrrrrrothy headed your way...
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