Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Way It Was IS The Way It Should Be...

Have the following ever happened to you?

-You cruise up on a shitty day of surf just after a sick swell ends and everybody in the crowded ankle high line up says: "shoulda been here yesterday, it was soooo fucking epic man! You totally blew it!"

-You begin a college career in a bustling party town and all the alumni old cats inform you: "shoulda been here years ago when it was like the Wild West with parties everywhere, free love, rock and roll, and not a cop to be seen for miles".

-You cruise up to a bar filled with trogs and your buddies call you from a limo saying: "Dude we're in a stretch Hummy with a bunch of hot babes headed to their suite at the Bellagio in Vegas, shoulda been there 5 minutes earlier, some chick named Megan Fox or sumthin was totally asking about you!"

-You buy your first pair of munster pants and finally rock them at the most indie hipster bar in town thinking you'll be the cats meow. As you walk up to the bar counter, some dude mistakes you for a chick from behind, some chick tells you she has the same pair of jeans, you hear someone shout: "nice tights squid lips, those are sooooo last year kook!", and thus you become the laughing stock of (

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, chances are you are just like me and have been asking yourself the same damn question for days, weeks, and years:

Why is everything so much cooler a day before you get there?
I hate to add insult to injury but the scenario that seems to piss me off the most is when people describe how cool the 70's and 80's were compared to how things are now! Don't believe the hype? Take a look at this MENTAL video of Wind 'N back in the 70's! (Credit Wiley Man for showing me this gem!) Words can not describe how jealous I am of the life they led! They truly defined a rock and roll lifestyle that will hopefully (for our sake) one day be revisited in a passion of glory!

But until then my friends,
Stay Weird, Stay Wild, and Stay Free

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