Thursday, August 27, 2009

-Summer Session- Somewhere In Methico

Somewhere in Methico...

FINALLY someone has heard my request and responded with a gold mine!  My homey Steve is livin it up out in da UAE right now hustlin his ass off and working da grind.  With so much work in da LBC it's kinda hard bein Hendoneeej... umm I mean with so much work for the people that actually have jobs, it's a truly rewarding experience to take a surf trip some where on the map and pray to Poseidon that you score some solid waves.  
This time the troops all rallied for the trip, and somewhere in Methico saw some of the best LJ uber rippers hailing from all parts of the globe and shredding Poseidon's Playground to pieces!  The crew consisted of the Ranga Army (Crane & Crido), Coco Kai, Hsoj Reyab, Euro Grom, and Nussy.  To say that's an all star line-up would be an understatement of a lifetime!  I was about to hop on board for this trip as well but I unfortunately had a few more days left wrapping up the TV show I was working on.  But boy do I wish I frothed this trip with da boyz, I kick myself every time I see these photos that Steve sent me!  Hell, don't take my word for it, I think the pics speak for themselves!
 Either Hsoj or Nuss pigdoggin it and throwin down mad skillz for the goof trop!  Heard he made it too! 

Da Crain in true form frothing a sick one and about to go for the Equinox (double barrel)

Again, either Hsoj or Nuss staying shaded before gettin faded (credit Crap)

Mr Coco Kai throwing an Archy Larry hack in front of da Boyz and lettin 'em all know "don't fuck with this!"

Ginger Army Exec Crido frothing a frontside snappaaaaaah!

Menehune, Crido & Hsoj frothing over Dane Reynold's shred sled, I think I see a wet spot on Hsoj's trunks!

Thanks for sending the pics Nussy!  And for the ones that Coco Kai snapped, thanks for capturing the true beauty of these gentlemen!  You both should be on the look out for your free gift bag full of profos, freejoles, Wild Turkey, one ankle sock, "The Last SUPper" limited edition dvd, Seal's greatest hits, a pube mop, an Abercrombie & Fitch spaghetti strap tank top, 3 ostrich eggs, a fanny pack, boxer briefs provided by Kevin Federline, a customized meigmort beanie baby, an autographed mold of Ron Jeremy's unit, and a thank you card addressed to me!        
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