Thursday, August 6, 2009

+Relapse+ Da Lost Crew

Whatever happened to all the characters in surfing?  The punk rock guys who hardly ever surfed but were down with the boys to party, talk shit to the other people in your heat, drop in on a 10 foot half pipe (never having skated), surf down house stairs, and just plain make surf videos that much more entertaining!  What comes to mind when I think of guys like that is the old skool stuff that went down in the Lost vids.  Guys like Randall and Chicken Willy and the dude in The Decline who talks about how he did a chop hop 180 and the lady gave him a 3 cause he caught her pissin behind his van.  Where are the guys like that who just plain don't give a shit?  Let me know where they're at cause I got a camera, a 30 pack, some lighter fluid, and some surf spots that should all make for a mental vid!  

Highlights from forgotten heroes 

Chicken Willy

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