Thursday, August 13, 2009

Legend of Surf ?

Yeah so after my daily routine of scouring the internet for someone or something that will pay me for my mad skillz, I like to take little 5 minute tea breaks.  Upon sipping on my Charles Shaw red tea today, I stumbled upon a low quality cubic zirocnia (aka a low ass quality gem) that heals the power of boredom fo free!  It surely ain't no Championship Surfer (best surf video game evaaaa) but it's kinda entertaining and you can spin mad alley oops if you've got skillz.  The game is called Legend of Surf starring Big Wave Dave and it's pretty whack if you ask me, but I still play it anyway (play it here).  

Firstly, the characters names are Big Wave Dave (couldn't be any more cliche?) and Sandy Dunes.  Secondly, you can only be one character (BWD: Big Wave Dave), so what's the point of having 2 characters?  And thirdly this shit is bonkers.  
Basically you ride this dude's piece of shit sidewalk longboard and pump down the line doing airs as you try to avoid rocks and pick up these freejoles shneek looking things.  Once you pick up some of these freejoles shneek bags you get super shneeked out and start doing huge ass airs and spinning into alley oops or air reverses, to which ever you prefer.  
Eventually the wave dies out and they score you for how gnarls your airs were and how many freejoles shneek bags you collected.  Then you're off to the next wave, where all these ships and boulders and random ass things pop up in the water to hinder your path and attempt to make you fall.  If you're good enough (or bored enough) at this game, good luck at trying to beat my high shhhhhhcore!  I'll sssshhheeee youuu at the winersshhh shhhhircle right nexxsshht to the dungeonssshhh and dragonssshhh tablesshhhhhh!  Oh crap I jussshhhttt drooled all over my keyboard and my headgearsh isshhh caught on my hamsshhhter's ear, ZOIGS!!!!!!!         

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