Monday, August 24, 2009

I Want To Surf!

Seems like it's been forever since I've been as surf horny as I am right now!
Surf Ambass & Harem Exec #312

I've been away on a lil mini vacay way up North where the closest thing to a wave I have encountered in the past 4 days was a motor boat's wake that I immediately tried to boost off of while kayaking in Trog Lake (not the kind of motor boating I usually do but still very fun and great for the delts).
What the? Read bellow:

Before that, I don't think I've surfed since the previous saturday with me brother down at D Street. D Street had fun little rippable waves that were almost there but just barely lacked an extra umph or pizaz of push! Suffice to say, it was just a tease, kinda like dangling a Twinkie attached to a Nerd Rope which is tied onto a super king size Twix bar balancing on an Oreo Ice Cream Cake on top of a table made of chocolate which lays in a field made of Pixie Stick grass with Butterfinger dirt while some fat kid struggles to break free from his chains made of steel teetering on a diving board on top of a dunk tank filled with piranas inside of another cage surrounded by Ape-Sharks (Shapes), just a big tease!
Check out for some more frothy and wild goodness!

I do know however that there are some waves right now and I'm sure some of you assholes have been scoring something better than the nothing we've had the past few weeks! As jealous as I am of anyone scoring any kind of rideable face right now (surfing and or frothing), I'm curious to see where you've all been shralping and see what kind of mad skillz you've been throwing down! Send me some photos of recent surf sessions or even surf sessions from earlier this summer (hell any session from anytime or anywhere will do) and I'll post 'em up here and stroke you off for a lil bit!

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Until then...
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