Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frothing Myrtles

DJ Electro Hell & Luna-Tick @ The NASA El Rey Theater show frothing (obviously)

Dude so I'm giving a shot at being a DJ and started a new group with Da Zoo Keepa himself aka Luna-Tick aka Carpe-Noctum aka Ettore Scola! We're called Frothing Myrtles and even though we haven't fully pumped out any songs yet, our following is 3 seas deep and our harem reaches from here to the Sierra Desert! So all day today and yesterday I've been locking myself into my room (I have no room so this means moving a see-through drape on a bar that barely does shit to block out the light or late night intruders) and have been straight up froth rocking with my headphones on and my hands in the air!
DJ Electro Hell and his on stage harem, frothing and foaming (obviously)

I've thus far made a 39 minute mix tape that consists of about 30 songs that will rock your freaking socks off! My vision for this tape is for it to become the Ultimate International Party Mix aka the go to guy when it comes to getting loose and getting weird at a party, at a club, at a barn, or an ethernet hub. With my electro hell knowledge and expertise spliced together with some classic old skool inspiration, surely this tape will not let you down as you turn that shit to vulme 10 and rock out with your froth out! Seeing as it is my first mix ever, it is still a lil rusty and needs a lotta work but this shit should be done a week after I return from my radical sabbatical. Keep your eyes pealed for Frothing Myrtles, cause we're stealing the World's virginity and then their bikes! (credit da man overhearing FT kook circa 2003).
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