Friday, July 3, 2009


After a year and a half of perfecting what some have been calling "the dopest hat to ever grace the skull of a human" (SAH) , The AMPAL Creative has just released their new lid entitled "The 44th". So for your Independence Day weekend, show some spirit and snag one of these beauties before they sell out! Trust me, these caps are freaking rad! They are like nothing I've ever seen before. With a unique and innovative shape on top of a sexy and suave style, these lids are sure to get you that special someone you've been eye fucking for the past month! Forewarning though my friends, this hat will get you looks, attention, questions, and groping hands like no other hat you've worn before... are you ready?
Poseidon knows I sure am...

The 44th is currently available in the following 2 Los Angeles stores:
De La Barracuda on Melrose
Archrival Downtown

For more info please visit The AMPAL Creative's Blog

ps I can't believe we saw some chick pissing in the corner of La Cita last night, DISTURBING! Yet kinda punk rock...
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