Wednesday, July 1, 2009

EXPOSURE(self) Ian Rotgans

La Jolla surf legend Ian Rotgans aka Nai Snagtor straight up owns Poseidon's playground!  Rotty's been shralping the La Jolla reefs, pb, and all over San Diego ever since I can remember.  You can usually see him getting shacked out of his gourd at the Rock or boosting sick airs and tail wafts at the Berg.  Ian continues to amaze me with his constant innovation, fluidity, sick style, and straight up raw power.  I once saw this dude do a floater tweak across the whole inside section of Wind 'N rights, proper Wardo style!  Check out this new Lost add in Transworld with him and all the Lost boys standing strong and taking charge while mocking an overly popular Hollywood sitcom.    
Keep your eyes peeled, cause this ain't the last time we're gonna see Rotgans in the mags, you can count on that!  
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