Monday, June 29, 2009

xX-Electro Hell-Xx MSTRKRFT Heartbreaker Video

(I know, Shittiest Image Skillz Eva, Don't Have Photo Shop Yet had to use preview ha)

Street Gang Films put out a facking RAD video for MSTRKRFT's song entitled "Heartbreaker".  This video pretty much sums up my life this past year living in da dark depths of downtown LA, and it shall serve as an ode to Poseidon's Posse (aka the late Dewd Crews).  

We've just been a bunch of punk ass kids cruisin around town on our skates, causing havoc, and looking for myrts all the while getting shut down by the man (aka living in a house with no rooms).  If you look uber closely, you can even pick out all the characters that Poseidon's Posse has been running with this year at Poseidon's Spring St Palace.  You got the fashionably hip and cool greaser dude with the edgy haircut who's always one step ahead of the game (Poleanz).  His goofy yet charming buddy (Nesia) who tries to court the cute hipster artsy chick  (?). Then you've got the adventurous explorer dude who skates off on a journey and finds something hilarious and cool that most normal people would be too blind to see (Sir Snarf).  And last but not least the man behind the curtain making sure things are always rocking with guitar in hand (Da Butcher).  I could go on analyzing the similarities I see of us in this video but that would just be weird, so I'm gonna stop here and just tell you to watch this video FULL SCREEN NOW:

MSTRKRFT (feat. John Legend) - Heartbreaker from Marsou on Vimeo.

Credit to Brett Fischer for showing me this sick vid!

This video is dedicated to Poseidon's Posse, the song is dedicated to a myrt I once knew who I'm now told lives in St. Louis...  

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