Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome To Electro Hell... You Don't Have To Be On Frejoles To Like This Shit?

(Photo by Camilo Gabriel Lara Jr. of Rebel Army Studios. Like what you see? Email me and I'll send you his info. Guy does MENTAL Work!)

Shout out to MJ and Farrah Fawcett, R.I.P., Bubbles will be in good hands!

Anyways, Yeah, so I've been listening to a lot of really sick electronic music lately thanks to mainly the Po Master for introducing me to some good shit! Anyways, I'm a very giving guy in and out of the water (and bed) and so I thought I'd share with you some of my musical gems that I truly cherish and enjoy, especially when I'm cruising for myrts in the Range!

Forewarning though, I highly recommend watching the video I made while you are in a place that you can let loose and get your froth on! If you're watching this at work, I'd suggest you tie yourself into a chair so you don't get up and start doing the macarena or go into skitzo freak dance mode! Enough already, just watch the video:

SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO'S ELECTRO HELL from Surf Ambassador Hendo on Vimeo.

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Some more of my favorite Electro Hell bands include:
12th Planet
We Have Band
Van She
Passion Pit
Grafton Primary
Ghostland Observatory
Say Hi (To Your Mom)
Hey Champ
and many many more... Hey, I can't give you ALL of my songs, what would I froth to if I did?
Until next time, take it easy and keep the froth alive!
-Surf Ambassador Hendo
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  1. fuckin great shit Hendo. Keep up the good work. Never would i have thought someone else say schralp to MSTRKRFT or VANSHE and do an aerial or cutback and then cut to video of it. instant classic. looking forward to more.

  2. happyfrothyfeet.
    thats what im talkin bout.

    more tribalelectrohellfroth at

    side note/clarification
    teddy bear backpacks: still cool, just not at raves.