Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tail Wafts With K Robb

These days they call it "blowing the tail".  I like to call em Tail Wafts or Crop Dusters (get it?). I'm pretty sure I have an addiction to doing these damn things.  Every single wave I pop up on I try to do one of these things.  Sometimes I pull, most times I bonk and bog like a sailor trog.  Anyways, the man, the myth, the legend K Robb himself did a trick tip a while back with Surfline to show all of us subhumans how it's really done!  I'd suggest watching this trick tip like 30 times till it's ingrained in your memory and it haunts you in your sleep.  Remember ADIDAS (All I Dream About Is Shralping):

ps Happy Father's Day Dad!
And thanks lil buddy Hendo jr. for the awesome mini macaroni face you made of me!  Can't wait till you can start walking and I can take you to the real ocean instead of the tub waves!  Keep shralping lil bud!   
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