Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Switching Things Up A Bit

Switch Yo Mind Into Freak Mode
Jamie O' goin switch at Pipe, fo reals!
Have you ever switch hit, pulled a stranger, or taken down a trog for your mates?  Well Poseidon sure knows I've done one or the other but who's counting eh?  Anyways, if you've been keeping up with recent surf vids you would notice that some of them just plain suck and induce Pokemon like seizures to your dome (I still want my money back you betch!) but others are fucking kick ass and have tons of bonus features along with the glorious footy that they come with!  One of the chillest bonus features to hit these vids thus far has to be the regular/goofy mode you can switch them into.  Yea that's right, you can watch everyone in the vid to your own preference of shralping!  Some might call it "playing God" others might call it Wizeak but I think it's pretty rad to see Dane-O doing sick Kerrzos and laybacks going frontside on a LEFT or Slates pulling into Pipe frontisde when in reality he's really pulling into backdoor on a knee board!  I've watched this DR layback I'm about to show you like 50 times and I think it's starting to bleed out of my brain.  Anyways, here's a quick example of what I'm talking about, check it:

Dane Reynolds from James Mulvi on Vimeo.

For an editing nerd-bot like myself, doing this kind of reverse perspective shit in Final Cut is simple, it's doing quick cuts that make me look like I can actually land rodeos that's the difficult part!  
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