Friday, June 5, 2009

Surfing The Worst Break In The World On The Worst Day Eva

Surfed El Porto Potty today and it sucked balls! It was like 2 foot with sets coming every half hour and didn't get shit for waves at all. This is no testimony of my shralp skills whatsoever, but I like the edit and the song. Luckily with some sick HD footage, some 60p nerdbot shit, an M83 CLASSIC (cliche but classic), and some nice transishelz, my homey at work who they call "El Lobo" cut together the footage and turned some absolute shit into pure gold! Here's a cut he just shralped of Da Ambassador TRYING to find needles in a haystack but to no avail. There's one clip of his friend Sherman towards the end (before my weak ass Larry off the lip) who's wearing the suit with blue arms going left as I contemplate going but jealously watch his wave unfold instead. First clip of many more to come (hopefully on WAY better days):

el porto from jon wolf on Vimeo.

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