Friday, June 19, 2009

Surf Ambassador Hendo Blog Turns One!

Fack mates,
guess I was going too wild on my May grey bender to realize that my website as of May 24th is now one whole freaking year old! Damn, how time flies! I remember writing that first post and being like 'shit, here goes nothing'. Who would have known a whole year later I'd be sipping bottles of Cristal, Don P, and Henney up in the limo cruising The Hamptons with fly honeys, A-List celebs, and hanging with Larry fucking Bird!
I'd just like to thank all of my fans, followers, subscribers, and all the other people who failed miserably at trying to start blogs after me! I owe all the fame, the bling, and the straight up ballin to each and every one of you! I couldn't have done it without you!
As a display of my gratitude I have decided to throw a fucking pARTy! I'm talking about a party bigger than "End of the World Party II" (even though I think I'll have a bit of trouble finding the egg with legs for entertainment).

Keep your eyes peeled for Surf Ambassador Hendo's 2 Day Bendo! Yeah, you heard me... 2 daze of crazy madness to get your froth on! I'm in the worx of getting the location at my homey Zack Efron's mansion on lock down in the hills! He's got a drained pool for skate comps and I'm also in the works of getting sponsors, promoters, laser shows, ice sculptures, beer bongs hanging from helicopters, Seal, lion tamers, beer pong gardens, stilt performers, foreigners, slip n' slide ice luges, skate contests, the ape cage, yaega bombs, pin the snail trail on the donkey, White Snake, circle bar on square pillar, and magicians, magicians, magicians! (the whole nine) but as for now just expect BIG things! I'm talking BIG DAWG!!!!

Get ready to get yur fade on folks, there's a par-tay a-brew-ing!
More details to come as they SURFace...

These meathead kooks ain't got shit on my party:

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