Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stab Mag Is Da Best Eva Mate!

"A ghastly quasi surf magazine. If you want shallow journalism and gratuitous nudity, you've come to the right portal you creep."
Pat O' and Diamond Donny stare at some Aussie strange as featured in STAB
If you haven't heard of the Aussie based surf mag called Stab, then you're a fa-reaking kook and should pack up your Costco Board and go hang out at horseshoes with the rest of the sponge parade (Summer 09 we will take back what is rightfully ours!). Stab is sick period. With witty and humorous writing styles, unique surf stories, jugs galore, nudity, and nudity, Stab has everything the young male surfer could ever need, assuming that he can read of course. Take a look for yourself at some of the past articles they've done and tell me you don't want to move straight back to OZ after reading this shiz:
Stab interviews the sex life of mega Aussie Ripper Jay Davies. Here's the article. Here's Jay Ripping poseidon's playground to utter shambles (definitely a post soley based on this mental mate coming soon).

Julian Wilson loses at bowling and gets a tat for his failure here.

Hilarious comic about the DR, Doctor, Dane Reynolds, check it out!

And of course, this article about "Married Sex" with Rasta
If that wasn't enough to convince you that Stab is the sickest mag that's ever hit this planet then please be my guest and take a second to follow me while we play a lil game of simon says. Simon says take your right hand and slowly remove it out of your arse, wipe off all the excess mank juice, and repeat after me: "Dearest Poseidon please forgive me for I have sinned, in return for my wrong doing I will now duct tape and super glue myself to my lazy boy chair, put a sock in my mouth, and tooth picks on my eye lids as I painfully sit through a 32 episode Will and Grace marathon followed by a Blue Crush Marathon narrated by Mathew McConohay (both marathons are indeed one in the same, Finkle is Einhorn)."
Just check out the mag kooks ha

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  1. Omnipotent Myrt Master 3030Friday, June 19, 2009 4:15:00 PM

    you know Jon Voight aka Joe Buck aka Dane Reynolds played a fag man whore in that epic flick right???