Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock 'N Roll Floater Training...

D-Jones vs. SAH (Rock and Roll Floater vs. Floater Tweak)

I call 'em "Floater Tweaks" but these days Corpo surfing has named 'em "Rock 'N Roll Floaters" in their resemblance to the skate trick.  Skating is not surfing you cock mongols!  
Rolling Stones at the Altamont = Rock and Roll

In order to even think of pulling one of these death-defying maneuvers off, you first have to get into the right mind set; this shit won't happen over night holmes.  Not the mindset to shralp but the mindset to fucking Rock and Roll!  In order to obtain this mindset it usually takes 3 years, six 30 packs of PBR, a tat of Poseidon rooting Aphrodite, pleather braces, a cane made of crack, 12 bottles of soy sauce, the blood of a virgin naked mole rat, 3 viles of hogs breath, lizard bile, and a weenatine guillotine.  Once you've obtained this mindset hit me up on the celly and I'll decide if you need more training or if I can give you the password to my step by step Rock 'N Roll floater trick tip in 3D HD (git your own glasses varmint).      
Guns 'N Roses = Rock and Roll. Nuff said.

But for now, here's a training video that will get you started on your journey of a thousand footsteps.  The vid is by the Black Lips.
The Black Lips are sick.
Thanks to the Po Master, I am now enlightened that Rock 'N Roll actually exists in this day and age!  If you don't know who they be check out their shit online.
But for the time being check out their video for their song "It Feels Alright".  An instant classic song and an even cooler video tributing a legendary strip club called Magic City in da dirty souf of Atlanta.  Ra-spekt!   
Good luck on your journey, it ain't for the weak of liver that's for sure.  
See you at the top...
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