Saturday, June 20, 2009

+RELAPSE+ Shawn Briley

Yeah so I'm gona be doing a new section on here called +Relapse+. In da Relapse section I'm gona talk about the good old days, the old skool days, and the daze before surfing was tainted by Blue Crush bull shit and groms who surf better than me. There were so many legendary surfers growing up when I was a kid that we all worshiped and emulated who truly paved the path to where surfing is now. I frequently find myself asking where have they all gone?

It would be a true injustice to not start this thing off the right way with one of the biggest and baddest old skool surf legends of all time, Shawn mutha fuckin Briley!
Never have I seen a dude as big as bull and strong like ox charge Pipe bombs which were once thought of as death sentences the way Briles did. Whether it was in Faces, Lost Across America, or any vid for that matter, the footage in these vids is the true proof that Shawn Briley was a psycho charger, a prophet, a man before his time, and an oracle of faith! NO ONE EVER CHARGED THE WAY HE DID! Just look at these MENTAL clips:

Found this quote online: "Shawn Briley... they said that he paddled out at Pipe, caught the wave of the day (or season), went in after 1 wave, and yelled "MAD SKILLS!!" at everyone on the beach, then walked away."

It's guys like Briles that really set the bar at Pipe and pushed surfing into a more progressive and radical dimension than ever once thought possible. Pipeline charger Shawn Briley and family
Shawn "Briles is all smiles" Briley is a true legend and shall never be forgotten. Even though I haven't heard of his whereabouts or gnarls charging missions in a while, I'm sure where ever he is, he's staying legendary and doing it with MAD SKILLS!
Cheers to Briles!
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