Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jordy Does A Rodeo and Yahoo Wets Themselves!

Jordy Smith, the Safa Tail Wafta, got a sick clip of him boosting a mental Rodeo flip in the Mentawais and Yahoo creams their friggin jeans! I do give Jordy the utmost respect for pulling a clean and proper "Rodeo" but Yahoo and a bunch of other barnyard animals act like this is the first "Rodeo Flip" ever to be pulled. They even title the damn article "Jordy Smith pulls arguably the best surfing move ever". Well here's your argument Yahoo, how about a little thing called ra-spect betch?

Lost team rider and aerial legend, Aaron Cormican aka "Gorkin" was the FIRST known surfer to ever pull a flip with rotation, hence the name of his signature move the "Gorkin Flip". One of the first times we saw this flip go down was in Lost's video entitled: The Decline of Surfing Civilization, which was made in 2001! Get with the times America, Gorkins been pulling these things for almost a decade son! And where does it say Gorkin's name in the Yahoo article? Nowhere! I know that corpo surfing has been calling these things "Rodeo Flips"for quite some time now, but my question is when the hell did it become okay to change the name of a trick named after the person who invented and perfected the trick in the first place? You're not going to see people changing the name of a Kerrupt Flip and start calling 'em "Mustang Twists" or some shit like that.

Yahoo writes: "It's called a "rodeo flip," and it's pretty insane."
SAH Replies: "It's called a Gorkin flip, go fuck yourself!"Main stream media needs to get their facts straight before they make themselves look like a bunch of kooks when attempting to write about "extreme" or "action sports" while making absurd ass claims, oh wait, they already did.

Here's as real as it gets son:
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