Monday, June 1, 2009

Im Fay-mus mates!

So as you all may know, I'm part Australian.  Don't ask which part of me is Australian cause I could point to all sorts of parts of my body that are but the fact of the matter is it ain't no secret that I like to bring the thunda from down unda and root myrts all day and night, true story (now accepting new applications, inquire within).  Anyways, here's the clip that sky rocketed my career into super stardom!  Some myrt found this shit of me on youtube as I am frothing at one of the raddest days that the city of filth (LA) has to offer!  It's called the Los Angeles Urban Iditarod and lets just say it involves an entire day of booze hounds running from bar, to pub, to party, and back again!  Fast forward to 1:58 and you'll see how Aussie and how fay-mus I get on this weird day:  

The rules with this so called "race" is that the first person to cross the finish line is in fact the biggest loser of all!  So needless to say, come March or April next year, you should keep your eyes peeled for this shit cause it's a day filled with booze, boobs, big banana hammocks, bird brains, bilbo bagins, and barnacle betches!   

They're fay-mus!
Your glasses are fay-mus?
Yee mate


ps Hope you're not reading the weird shit on here but just in case, Happy Birthday Mom!  (I almost feel like I'm saying "Hi Mom!" in this video clip, weird ha)
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