Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hendonesia Came To Party

"My ghettoness flows like da Niagra falls, here's a ruler... measure my ballz!  "

Ha sike, but seriously, not gona lie, kinda weird, I have this thing in my head, I like to think of it as a hamster running on a treadmill wheel, but it comes up with random ass musical flows, lyrics, melodies, sounds, grunts, and moans that not even my own mind can comprehend!  I don't know where it comes from, I don't know where it goes, all I know is that sometimes it keeps me up at night just thinking about the fact that somebody other than me might be "squatting" in my brain space!  Anyways, here's a lil rap diddy I did a few months ago under the droid of unemployment, a gnarls month long bender, and too much time on my hands!  The video is edited by a hilarious work mate of mine who can drink you under the table and snarf your arigato myrt sooner than you can say "Otter Pop".  He goes by the name of Purple Haze and he edited this sickelz skate vid to my track entitled "I Came To Party".  Sit back and sip a cold frothy Mickeys, or two, or 12, but don't freaking call me tomorrow morning while you're having an unpleasant meeting with William Shatner, cause I ain't no party pooper!  I CAME TO PARTY MUTHAFUCKAS!  
If you haven't already, check out more of my music at www.myspace.com/hendonesia
peace out Napoleon!
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