Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EXPOSURE(self): Johnny Boy Maher

John Maher rips, check out his TWS article on pg.42:  
Yo freaks and felines,
great news, we got some rad exposure popping out from more of our home town heroes!  Our La Jolla  homey Johnny "Monster" Maher has been shredding the reefs of LJ as well as The Jewel known as Tavarua for years on end!  This ain't the first time he's been in the mags but his article in July's Transworld is very well written and is truly an incredible story.  I don't want to give the story away at all so I suggest instead of buying a tall boy at 7/11 you go buy the mag while it's still hot on the press!  Basically, Johnny charges like a madman and shreds in the smaller stuff too.  Read on and find out for yourself what happens when you charge hard at Tavarua in and out of the water...

Monster Boost at the Berg! (photo)   

Check out Johnny's blog and follow him as he takes you on a journey full of shred!

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