Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crap Eyewear

What comes to mind when you hear the word Crap? Sure it's got a shitload of different connotations but there's one that holds way more clout than the rest. That belongs to none other than the legendary eyewear compay who go by the name of Crap Eyewear! These guys straight up own and they have been kicking ass and taking names ever since I can remember.  Starting off as 2 La Jolla groms with a dream, Crap eyewear eventually took off with flying colors and now nearly everyone I klnow has crap on their face!  
Even M.I.A. rocks that shit yo!

If you haven't Crapped yourself lately, I highly suggest you go to their website, check out their new look book for 09, buy some Crap, and then put it all over yo face! 
These guys make wild eyewear for wild people and let me tell you they definitely live up to every sense of that claim. The Crap crew is a pack of savage beasts who pretty much own any place the moment they walk in the door and before you know it they will have frothed your myrts, your beers, and your cougar mom before you know what the hell's happening.   
3 Cheers to my Crap mates Nick and Peter and their crew for continuing to Crap beautiful Wildness all over an often ugly and dull planet!

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