Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surf Check: New Spot

Frothed a really fun left jetty this morning all by my self for about an hour. Super fun and rippable wave with a sick inside section perfect for boosting aerial turns! Not gonna say where or what it's called cause after about an hour of surfing by myself my buddy joined me and then 4 random barnyard animals showed up and acted as annoying buoys for us to paddle and shralp around. For now I'm just gonna call the place Myrtle Quarters because the inside section was a super consistent and freaking perfect little quarter pipe skate park style section to just launch off of! Let the air show begin my friends...
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Monday, June 29, 2009

xX-Electro Hell-Xx MSTRKRFT Heartbreaker Video

(I know, Shittiest Image Skillz Eva, Don't Have Photo Shop Yet had to use preview ha)

Street Gang Films put out a facking RAD video for MSTRKRFT's song entitled "Heartbreaker".  This video pretty much sums up my life this past year living in da dark depths of downtown LA, and it shall serve as an ode to Poseidon's Posse (aka the late Dewd Crews).  

We've just been a bunch of punk ass kids cruisin around town on our skates, causing havoc, and looking for myrts all the while getting shut down by the man (aka living in a house with no rooms).  If you look uber closely, you can even pick out all the characters that Poseidon's Posse has been running with this year at Poseidon's Spring St Palace.  You got the fashionably hip and cool greaser dude with the edgy haircut who's always one step ahead of the game (Poleanz).  His goofy yet charming buddy (Nesia) who tries to court the cute hipster artsy chick  (?). Then you've got the adventurous explorer dude who skates off on a journey and finds something hilarious and cool that most normal people would be too blind to see (Sir Snarf).  And last but not least the man behind the curtain making sure things are always rocking with guitar in hand (Da Butcher).  I could go on analyzing the similarities I see of us in this video but that would just be weird, so I'm gonna stop here and just tell you to watch this video FULL SCREEN NOW:

MSTRKRFT (feat. John Legend) - Heartbreaker from Marsou on Vimeo.

Credit to Brett Fischer for showing me this sick vid!

This video is dedicated to Poseidon's Posse, the song is dedicated to a myrt I once knew who I'm now told lives in St. Louis...  

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Ughhhhh ummm uhhh ehhh mehhh bleehhhhhhh...
Ello there, as you can probably tell I'm cleaning out the cob webs from a MENTAL AMPAL CREATIVE Party last night in the dark depths of DT LA. If you weren't there you pretty much blew it and missed out on one of the best AMPAL Parties yet and pretty much the first raging after hours party at our loft aka "Poseidon's Palace".  Everybody who's anybody in this state was frothing in full effect like Eugene and Wardo on a bender parade!  Keep your eyes peeled for a post about da wild party with pictures, possible video clips, and rants, raves, and lots of babes!  

To those of you who made it, TFCO (Thanks For Coming Out) and for those of you who didn't make it, watch this clip of Taj Burrow's New Years eve party and add an open bar, live band, roof top madness, live animals coming out of beer boxes, nutella mustaches, Electro Hell classix blasting till 4AM, and some crazy party animals and you might almost get to the level of where we were at last night...



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Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome To Electro Hell... You Don't Have To Be On Frejoles To Like This Shit?

(Photo by Camilo Gabriel Lara Jr. of Rebel Army Studios. Like what you see? Email me and I'll send you his info. Guy does MENTAL Work!)

Shout out to MJ and Farrah Fawcett, R.I.P., Bubbles will be in good hands!

Anyways, Yeah, so I've been listening to a lot of really sick electronic music lately thanks to mainly the Po Master for introducing me to some good shit! Anyways, I'm a very giving guy in and out of the water (and bed) and so I thought I'd share with you some of my musical gems that I truly cherish and enjoy, especially when I'm cruising for myrts in the Range!

Forewarning though, I highly recommend watching the video I made while you are in a place that you can let loose and get your froth on! If you're watching this at work, I'd suggest you tie yourself into a chair so you don't get up and start doing the macarena or go into skitzo freak dance mode! Enough already, just watch the video:

SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO'S ELECTRO HELL from Surf Ambassador Hendo on Vimeo.

Send All Mustache Bash For Cash Submissions to: SurfAmbassadorHendo@gmail.com
Some more of my favorite Electro Hell bands include:
12th Planet
We Have Band
Van She
Passion Pit
Grafton Primary
Ghostland Observatory
Say Hi (To Your Mom)
Hey Champ
and many many more... Hey, I can't give you ALL of my songs, what would I froth to if I did?
Until next time, take it easy and keep the froth alive!
-Surf Ambassador Hendo
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jordy Does A Rodeo and Yahoo Wets Themselves!

Jordy Smith, the Safa Tail Wafta, got a sick clip of him boosting a mental Rodeo flip in the Mentawais and Yahoo creams their friggin jeans! I do give Jordy the utmost respect for pulling a clean and proper "Rodeo" but Yahoo and a bunch of other barnyard animals act like this is the first "Rodeo Flip" ever to be pulled. They even title the damn article "Jordy Smith pulls arguably the best surfing move ever". Well here's your argument Yahoo, how about a little thing called ra-spect betch?

Lost team rider and aerial legend, Aaron Cormican aka "Gorkin" was the FIRST known surfer to ever pull a flip with rotation, hence the name of his signature move the "Gorkin Flip". One of the first times we saw this flip go down was in Lost's video entitled: The Decline of Surfing Civilization, which was made in 2001! Get with the times America, Gorkins been pulling these things for almost a decade son! And where does it say Gorkin's name in the Yahoo article? Nowhere! I know that corpo surfing has been calling these things "Rodeo Flips"for quite some time now, but my question is when the hell did it become okay to change the name of a trick named after the person who invented and perfected the trick in the first place? You're not going to see people changing the name of a Kerrupt Flip and start calling 'em "Mustang Twists" or some shit like that.

Yahoo writes: "It's called a "rodeo flip," and it's pretty insane."
SAH Replies: "It's called a Gorkin flip, go fuck yourself!"Main stream media needs to get their facts straight before they make themselves look like a bunch of kooks when attempting to write about "extreme" or "action sports" while making absurd ass claims, oh wait, they already did.

Here's as real as it gets son:
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Logo

Check out the new logo I just made yesterday. Keep your eyes peeled for hats, shirts, profos, banners, canes, myrt caps, and stunna shades that will soon bare the mark of the Ambassador. Those who are truly dedicated will get this inked on their face, I'll pay for it!You've been frothed...
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tail Wafts With K Robb

These days they call it "blowing the tail".  I like to call em Tail Wafts or Crop Dusters (get it?). I'm pretty sure I have an addiction to doing these damn things.  Every single wave I pop up on I try to do one of these things.  Sometimes I pull, most times I bonk and bog like a sailor trog.  Anyways, the man, the myth, the legend K Robb himself did a trick tip a while back with Surfline to show all of us subhumans how it's really done!  I'd suggest watching this trick tip like 30 times till it's ingrained in your memory and it haunts you in your sleep.  Remember ADIDAS (All I Dream About Is Shralping):

ps Happy Father's Day Dad!
And thanks lil buddy Hendo jr. for the awesome mini macaroni face you made of me!  Can't wait till you can start walking and I can take you to the real ocean instead of the tub waves!  Keep shralping lil bud!   
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

+RELAPSE+ Shawn Briley

Yeah so I'm gona be doing a new section on here called +Relapse+. In da Relapse section I'm gona talk about the good old days, the old skool days, and the daze before surfing was tainted by Blue Crush bull shit and groms who surf better than me. There were so many legendary surfers growing up when I was a kid that we all worshiped and emulated who truly paved the path to where surfing is now. I frequently find myself asking where have they all gone?

It would be a true injustice to not start this thing off the right way with one of the biggest and baddest old skool surf legends of all time, Shawn mutha fuckin Briley!
Never have I seen a dude as big as bull and strong like ox charge Pipe bombs which were once thought of as death sentences the way Briles did. Whether it was in Faces, Lost Across America, or any vid for that matter, the footage in these vids is the true proof that Shawn Briley was a psycho charger, a prophet, a man before his time, and an oracle of faith! NO ONE EVER CHARGED THE WAY HE DID! Just look at these MENTAL clips:

Found this quote online: "Shawn Briley... they said that he paddled out at Pipe, caught the wave of the day (or season), went in after 1 wave, and yelled "MAD SKILLS!!" at everyone on the beach, then walked away."

It's guys like Briles that really set the bar at Pipe and pushed surfing into a more progressive and radical dimension than ever once thought possible. Pipeline charger Shawn Briley and family
Shawn "Briles is all smiles" Briley is a true legend and shall never be forgotten. Even though I haven't heard of his whereabouts or gnarls charging missions in a while, I'm sure where ever he is, he's staying legendary and doing it with MAD SKILLS!
Cheers to Briles!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Surf Ambassador Hendo Blog Turns One!

Fack mates,
guess I was going too wild on my May grey bender to realize that my website as of May 24th is now one whole freaking year old! Damn, how time flies! I remember writing that first post and being like 'shit, here goes nothing'. Who would have known a whole year later I'd be sipping bottles of Cristal, Don P, and Henney up in the limo cruising The Hamptons with fly honeys, A-List celebs, and hanging with Larry fucking Bird!
I'd just like to thank all of my fans, followers, subscribers, and all the other people who failed miserably at trying to start blogs after me! I owe all the fame, the bling, and the straight up ballin to each and every one of you! I couldn't have done it without you!
As a display of my gratitude I have decided to throw a fucking pARTy! I'm talking about a party bigger than "End of the World Party II" (even though I think I'll have a bit of trouble finding the egg with legs for entertainment).

Keep your eyes peeled for Surf Ambassador Hendo's 2 Day Bendo! Yeah, you heard me... 2 daze of crazy madness to get your froth on! I'm in the worx of getting the location at my homey Zack Efron's mansion on lock down in the hills! He's got a drained pool for skate comps and I'm also in the works of getting sponsors, promoters, laser shows, ice sculptures, beer bongs hanging from helicopters, Seal, lion tamers, beer pong gardens, stilt performers, foreigners, slip n' slide ice luges, skate contests, the ape cage, yaega bombs, pin the snail trail on the donkey, White Snake, circle bar on square pillar, and magicians, magicians, magicians! (the whole nine) but as for now just expect BIG things! I'm talking BIG DAWG!!!!

Get ready to get yur fade on folks, there's a par-tay a-brew-ing!
More details to come as they SURFace...

These meathead kooks ain't got shit on my party:

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crap Eyewear

What comes to mind when you hear the word Crap? Sure it's got a shitload of different connotations but there's one that holds way more clout than the rest. That belongs to none other than the legendary eyewear compay who go by the name of Crap Eyewear! These guys straight up own and they have been kicking ass and taking names ever since I can remember.  Starting off as 2 La Jolla groms with a dream, Crap eyewear eventually took off with flying colors and now nearly everyone I klnow has crap on their face!  
Even M.I.A. rocks that shit yo!

If you haven't Crapped yourself lately, I highly suggest you go to their website, check out their new look book for 09, buy some Crap, and then put it all over yo face! 
These guys make wild eyewear for wild people and let me tell you they definitely live up to every sense of that claim. The Crap crew is a pack of savage beasts who pretty much own any place the moment they walk in the door and before you know it they will have frothed your myrts, your beers, and your cougar mom before you know what the hell's happening.   
3 Cheers to my Crap mates Nick and Peter and their crew for continuing to Crap beautiful Wildness all over an often ugly and dull planet!

Crap info:
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lakers Parade... The March of The Kooks!

I could seriously give 2 shits about basketball, baseball, main stream sports, or the Lakers winning some tournament for that matter. I'm now late for work thanks to some kook parade filled with jock nerds and meat heads. The freeway was filled with traffic and the air was filled with the scent of Abercrombie & Fitch cologne! The only good thing to come of main stream sports finals is the fact that the water is way less crowded while the people who don't belong in the water are off where they should be; drinking yaeger bombs, eating cheese balls, and soaking up rays with their affliction tank tops on! There is one good thing to come of all of this though, the fact that basketball season is over and I will no longer have to wait in traffic to get home at night. Oh wait, I just remembered, baseball season is still going! Great, another sport filled with kooks throwing balls at each other, ego contests, and ultimately creating more traffic on my already long ass comute home! Hope you're happy Los Angeles, have a great day at your kook parade!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock 'N Roll Floater Training...

D-Jones vs. SAH (Rock and Roll Floater vs. Floater Tweak)

I call 'em "Floater Tweaks" but these days Corpo surfing has named 'em "Rock 'N Roll Floaters" in their resemblance to the skate trick.  Skating is not surfing you cock mongols!  
Rolling Stones at the Altamont = Rock and Roll

In order to even think of pulling one of these death-defying maneuvers off, you first have to get into the right mind set; this shit won't happen over night holmes.  Not the mindset to shralp but the mindset to fucking Rock and Roll!  In order to obtain this mindset it usually takes 3 years, six 30 packs of PBR, a tat of Poseidon rooting Aphrodite, pleather braces, a cane made of crack, 12 bottles of soy sauce, the blood of a virgin naked mole rat, 3 viles of hogs breath, lizard bile, and a weenatine guillotine.  Once you've obtained this mindset hit me up on the celly and I'll decide if you need more training or if I can give you the password to my step by step Rock 'N Roll floater trick tip in 3D HD (git your own glasses varmint).      
Guns 'N Roses = Rock and Roll. Nuff said.

But for now, here's a training video that will get you started on your journey of a thousand footsteps.  The vid is by the Black Lips.
The Black Lips are sick.
Thanks to the Po Master, I am now enlightened that Rock 'N Roll actually exists in this day and age!  If you don't know who they be check out their shit online.
But for the time being check out their video for their song "It Feels Alright".  An instant classic song and an even cooler video tributing a legendary strip club called Magic City in da dirty souf of Atlanta.  Ra-spekt!   
Good luck on your journey, it ain't for the weak of liver that's for sure.  
See you at the top...
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EXPOSURE(self): Johnny Boy Maher

John Maher rips, check out his TWS article on pg.42:  
Yo freaks and felines,
great news, we got some rad exposure popping out from more of our home town heroes!  Our La Jolla  homey Johnny "Monster" Maher has been shredding the reefs of LJ as well as The Jewel known as Tavarua for years on end!  This ain't the first time he's been in the mags but his article in July's Transworld is very well written and is truly an incredible story.  I don't want to give the story away at all so I suggest instead of buying a tall boy at 7/11 you go buy the mag while it's still hot on the press!  Basically, Johnny charges like a madman and shreds in the smaller stuff too.  Read on and find out for yourself what happens when you charge hard at Tavarua in and out of the water...

Monster Boost at the Berg! (photo)   

Check out Johnny's blog and follow him as he takes you on a journey full of shred!

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Switching Things Up A Bit

Switch Yo Mind Into Freak Mode
Jamie O' goin switch at Pipe, fo reals!
Have you ever switch hit, pulled a stranger, or taken down a trog for your mates?  Well Poseidon sure knows I've done one or the other but who's counting eh?  Anyways, if you've been keeping up with recent surf vids you would notice that some of them just plain suck and induce Pokemon like seizures to your dome (I still want my money back you betch!) but others are fucking kick ass and have tons of bonus features along with the glorious footy that they come with!  One of the chillest bonus features to hit these vids thus far has to be the regular/goofy mode you can switch them into.  Yea that's right, you can watch everyone in the vid to your own preference of shralping!  Some might call it "playing God" others might call it Wizeak but I think it's pretty rad to see Dane-O doing sick Kerrzos and laybacks going frontside on a LEFT or Slates pulling into Pipe frontisde when in reality he's really pulling into backdoor on a knee board!  I've watched this DR layback I'm about to show you like 50 times and I think it's starting to bleed out of my brain.  Anyways, here's a quick example of what I'm talking about, check it:

Dane Reynolds from James Mulvi on Vimeo.

For an editing nerd-bot like myself, doing this kind of reverse perspective shit in Final Cut is simple, it's doing quick cuts that make me look like I can actually land rodeos that's the difficult part!  
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Surfing The Worst Break In The World On The Worst Day Eva

Surfed El Porto Potty today and it sucked balls! It was like 2 foot with sets coming every half hour and didn't get shit for waves at all. This is no testimony of my shralp skills whatsoever, but I like the edit and the song. Luckily with some sick HD footage, some 60p nerdbot shit, an M83 CLASSIC (cliche but classic), and some nice transishelz, my homey at work who they call "El Lobo" cut together the footage and turned some absolute shit into pure gold! Here's a cut he just shralped of Da Ambassador TRYING to find needles in a haystack but to no avail. There's one clip of his friend Sherman towards the end (before my weak ass Larry off the lip) who's wearing the suit with blue arms going left as I contemplate going but jealously watch his wave unfold instead. First clip of many more to come (hopefully on WAY better days):

el porto from jon wolf on Vimeo.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stab Mag Is Da Best Eva Mate!

"A ghastly quasi surf magazine. If you want shallow journalism and gratuitous nudity, you've come to the right portal you creep."
Pat O' and Diamond Donny stare at some Aussie strange as featured in STAB
If you haven't heard of the Aussie based surf mag called Stab, then you're a fa-reaking kook and should pack up your Costco Board and go hang out at horseshoes with the rest of the sponge parade (Summer 09 we will take back what is rightfully ours!). Stab is sick period. With witty and humorous writing styles, unique surf stories, jugs galore, nudity, and nudity, Stab has everything the young male surfer could ever need, assuming that he can read of course. Take a look for yourself at some of the past articles they've done and tell me you don't want to move straight back to OZ after reading this shiz:
Stab interviews the sex life of mega Aussie Ripper Jay Davies. Here's the article. Here's Jay Ripping poseidon's playground to utter shambles (definitely a post soley based on this mental mate coming soon).

Julian Wilson loses at bowling and gets a tat for his failure here.

Hilarious comic about the DR, Doctor, Dane Reynolds, check it out!

And of course, this article about "Married Sex" with Rasta
If that wasn't enough to convince you that Stab is the sickest mag that's ever hit this planet then please be my guest and take a second to follow me while we play a lil game of simon says. Simon says take your right hand and slowly remove it out of your arse, wipe off all the excess mank juice, and repeat after me: "Dearest Poseidon please forgive me for I have sinned, in return for my wrong doing I will now duct tape and super glue myself to my lazy boy chair, put a sock in my mouth, and tooth picks on my eye lids as I painfully sit through a 32 episode Will and Grace marathon followed by a Blue Crush Marathon narrated by Mathew McConohay (both marathons are indeed one in the same, Finkle is Einhorn)."
Just check out the mag kooks ha

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hendonesia Came To Party

"My ghettoness flows like da Niagra falls, here's a ruler... measure my ballz!  "

Ha sike, but seriously, not gona lie, kinda weird, I have this thing in my head, I like to think of it as a hamster running on a treadmill wheel, but it comes up with random ass musical flows, lyrics, melodies, sounds, grunts, and moans that not even my own mind can comprehend!  I don't know where it comes from, I don't know where it goes, all I know is that sometimes it keeps me up at night just thinking about the fact that somebody other than me might be "squatting" in my brain space!  Anyways, here's a lil rap diddy I did a few months ago under the droid of unemployment, a gnarls month long bender, and too much time on my hands!  The video is edited by a hilarious work mate of mine who can drink you under the table and snarf your arigato myrt sooner than you can say "Otter Pop".  He goes by the name of Purple Haze and he edited this sickelz skate vid to my track entitled "I Came To Party".  Sit back and sip a cold frothy Mickeys, or two, or 12, but don't freaking call me tomorrow morning while you're having an unpleasant meeting with William Shatner, cause I ain't no party pooper!  I CAME TO PARTY MUTHAFUCKAS!  
If you haven't already, check out more of my music at www.myspace.com/hendonesia
peace out Napoleon!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Im Fay-mus mates!

So as you all may know, I'm part Australian.  Don't ask which part of me is Australian cause I could point to all sorts of parts of my body that are but the fact of the matter is it ain't no secret that I like to bring the thunda from down unda and root myrts all day and night, true story (now accepting new applications, inquire within).  Anyways, here's the clip that sky rocketed my career into super stardom!  Some myrt found this shit of me on youtube as I am frothing at one of the raddest days that the city of filth (LA) has to offer!  It's called the Los Angeles Urban Iditarod and lets just say it involves an entire day of booze hounds running from bar, to pub, to party, and back again!  Fast forward to 1:58 and you'll see how Aussie and how fay-mus I get on this weird day:  

The rules with this so called "race" is that the first person to cross the finish line is in fact the biggest loser of all!  So needless to say, come March or April next year, you should keep your eyes peeled for this shit cause it's a day filled with booze, boobs, big banana hammocks, bird brains, bilbo bagins, and barnacle betches!   

They're fay-mus!
Your glasses are fay-mus?
Yee mate


ps Hope you're not reading the weird shit on here but just in case, Happy Birthday Mom!  (I almost feel like I'm saying "Hi Mom!" in this video clip, weird ha)
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